Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1d10 Random Dark Cargoes From The Global Highways Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes violent and dark items can pass through the lives of the desperate, dangerous, and deranged all seemingly within the blink of an eye. These dark cargoes seem to have a life of their own, and an aura that makes people wish to possess them. Freebooters, adventurers, and outlaws alike have their lives altered by these items.Here then is a random list of some of the most dangerous items that may pass through the hands of adventurers who chance the global highways.

1d10 Random Dark Cargoes From The Global Highways Table
  1. A cursed golden chalice that fills up with blood every 1d8 days and will animate 1d6 corpses as free willed JuJu zombies with psychotic murderous tendancies. Anyone killed by these zombies will have their souls consumed by the chalice.
  2. A steamer trunk with a Hellmouth in the bottom of it and it is guarded by the ghost of a blind woman who is searching for a successor. Type B demons will terrorize the owner of the trunk and attempt to murder his friends or family members. Dragging their corpses and souls off to Hell. 
  3. A chest filled glowing fungus that will consume anyone who opens it, the chest is a radiation hazard as well and will slowly poison those who own it. Save vs death or become infected with a rotting fungal disease. 
  4. A sword with the trapped soul of a minor god within its blade, the thing will attempt to possess those who own it and slay all those around them. The victims will be offered to the dark soul of the god who dwells within the sword. 
  5. A vessel containing the minor reflections of the greatest evils of mankind, they will attempt to increase the attributes of the owner by +2 or more but at the cost of warping the mind and driving the owner insane. The owner will be consumed by demons on the next full moon and dragged off to the Outer Darkness. 
  6. A hat pin that contains the true essence of evil, this pin and blade combo actually belonged to a alien assassin guild of shape shifters who passed through the dimensions murdering psycho paths and serial killers as a public service.The pin contains the essence of those killers. The thing drips with evil and can cast 2nd level necromancer spells three times per day. 
  7. This cleaver of alien design is used as part of a ancient rite that allows the owner to cut the limbs off of his victims and drain their power into him increasing his primary attributes by +3 for 1d4 days but then the effect wears off. The owner will eventually have their bodies filled with negative planar energies and mutate into a hulking undead thing of weird aspect and max hit points. 
  8. A wooden casket of child sized is not what it appears to be and is actually an infernal mechanism capable of bringing back a dead person to the land of the living within 1d4 hours after death. The machine's effects are only temporary at best and the person will die again within seventy two hours. The soul of the poor fool becomes the property of the aliens who built this device. 
  9. A sealed metal box containing seven hundred and seventy seven demonic contracts, this cursed object will not leave the owner's side and they will be infected with an alien form of  lycanthropy and change into a demonic humanoid bug of terrible aspect. They are now the guardian of these pacts and will kill to consume anyone who wishes to possess these documents of Hell. 
  10. A full shipment of 1d8   twelve inch glass tubes of mutagenic agents that anyone coming into contact with will develop within 1d4 hours, 1d6 mutations unless full saving throws are made. The stuff will even affect undead or demonic creatures

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