Friday, July 10, 2015

1d30 80's Inspired Random Encounters Table For The Crimson Dragon Slayer Rpg Just In Time For International Crimson Dragon Slayer Day!

The wastes of Thule echo with the call of International Crimson Dragon Slayer rpg day! So it is with my trusty party of adventurers that we journey into the Vaults of Time and into the Valley Zin to deal with the hordes of monsters and pop culture horrors that come to end your PC's lives. Here is a D30 random encounter chart for the Crimson Dragon Slayer rpg.

1d30 80's Inspired Random Encounters Table

  1. 1d20 power suited amazon warriors hell bent on taking slaves for their dark mistress deep in the wilds of  San Fernando Valley. Armed with short swords, shields, and +2 rods of confrontation! 
  2. Mean ass Lovecraftian scary clown clown thing ala from Poltergeist but twenty foot round and armed with tentacles and a bad attitude!  
  3. 1d6 mutant barbarian warriors on hogs armed with laser rifles, bastard swords, and looking for slavers to make a quick profit. 
  4. 1d4 were wolves of Wall street on the prowl and on the move for some insider hunting. Are you on the menu? 
  5. A band of cultists looking to take down some adventurers for their ancient elder god thing, do you await the sacrificial table? There are 1d4 of these bastards and they've got a gnarly wizard with them!
  6. An 80's hair band completely lost in time and space! But one of them has turned into a wizard and seeks adventurers for a quest! 
  7. A  lone barbarian from a strange land on his motorcycle seeks a band of adventurers for a quest to recover his team mates from the savagely mutated cast of the Breakfast club! 
  8. A band of zombies from a post apocalyptic world seeks a cure to their condition in the meantime they'll try to eat anyone who gets in their way. 
  9. Incredibly hot barbarian queen seeks adventurers to help train her two nerdy teen age 'masters', they're actually her creator and she is actually a horrid frankenstein like monster created by twisted weird science. 
  10. Sub-dimensional bar where everyone knows your name being run by a world walker named Norm 
  11. Giant Barrel throwing ape appears and hurls 1d8 barrels of flaming oil at the party only to disappear in a pix elated puff of blue green smoke! 
  12. A demon possessed Space Invaders arcade game appears from which 1d20 space invaders appear. 
  13. Dead Ms Pac Man lays on the side of the wasteland decaying slowly. 1d4 ghosts are nearby. 
  14.  One luck dragon searching for its boy! But this one appears to be drunk or high or both. Very dangerous 
  15. A small strange wizard on a quest with a six demon bag, crosses the wastelands, needs help getting back to his San Francisco home. Indeed.
  16. A one eyed black leather pants warrior is looking for the President of the United States. He's well armed and has a very,very, bad attitude. Answers to the name of Snake. 
  17. A band of shot gun nuns on a mission from God, out in the wastes of Thule to kick some ass and take names. 
  18. Bill Tanner electrician and adventurer armed with a hammer and +2 sabre as well as his trusty toolbox.
  19. A very dangerous demonic cubic monster constructed from the souls of the lost warriors of Thule! 
  20. Chain saw wielding demonic warrior hell bent on a mission from his master to locate the Golden Child of Thule 
  21. The wreckage of a truck called the Pork Chop express, the cab has two skeletons dressed in 80's finery and one has a +3 nice boot knife. 
  22. A shipping container with thousands and thousands of Rubicks Cubes, there is a 10% chance of one em being magic 
  23. A prop replica of a +2 Three bladed sword, of which one blade will fly off to a target 20 feet away. 
  24. A band of 1d8 undead blue cannabalistic zombie Smurfs. 
  25. The horn of Dagon The Dreaming god, sits in the center of a smoking crater in a ring of red sand. 
  26. Bag of drugs marked from someplace called Bernie's. 
  27. 1d10 Giant insects fleeing from a crater of smoking ruins 
  28. 1d5 Skeleton warriors armed with short swords and shields. One has leg warmers of speed on but they are not active. 
  29. A vampire's coffin secreted under a tarp, there are 1d6 vampires sleeping around the coffin in the back of an 79 Dodge Ram pick up truck. They are all slightly burnt and crispy but very dangerous!
  30. Two kids and their actually wizards named Glen and Terry armed with spells from something called The Dark Book. The kids are way in over their heads but their vary formidable due the record album the Dark Book.


  1. The crimson dragons of Lord Varkon would approve! Awesome work,hoss! Happy Crimson Dragon Slayer day!

  2. Happy International Crimson Dragon Slayer day! Glad you like these! Hope they're useful for the table Venger! Happy dice slinging!


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