Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1d10 Random Lost Cargoes From The Global Highways Table For Your Your Old School Campaign

The world has echoes of ancient and weird treasures that pass through many hands; there are rather unseemly dealers in esoterica and relics of alien worlds. Often times these items are the target of road pirates and other far more dangerous outlaw freebooters who will stop at nothing to possess these items.
1d10 Random Lost Cargoes From The Global Highways Table

  1. Knocked together wooden box with the Arkham college archeological department logo emblazoned across it. Inside are three brass style figures with an outer coating of gold on them. The three figures glow together when brought within 1d4 feet of each other. A succubus guardian is bound to them and will murder anyone who takes possession of them with three full moons. 
  2. A crate of 1d8 pieces of Martian tripod technology, these materials are slightly radioactive and worth a small fortune on the black market. About 6000 gold pieces worth of material are here. 
  3. A strange lens assemble that is a part of special psychic viewer able to pierce the veil into other worlds and the Outer Darkness 
  4. A partially recovered Nazi war machine with the death ray still intact. The piece is being sought by SS men from an alternative Earth who will stop at nothing to require this piece, worth 10000 gold pieces and its a very rare system.
  5. The mummified remains of an ancient lich queen who has been hurled from here ancient pyramid on Ceres. 12th level lich and necromancer, now a long, long way from home.
  6. A sealed casket containing the remains of five separate brothers and warriors who were the servants of an ancient occultist and are now free unless awakened. These warriors are armed with energy weapons and sheer anger. They will murder anyone who disturbs their ancient slumber.
  7. A solid diamond statue of some ancient horror, an evil beyond imaging that will cause fear as per the spell in all who see it. The horror can make beam attacks for 3d6+2 points of damage. 
  8. A crate containing mutated killers and their queen, she will try to sting the guy who discovers and opens the crate. The jelly and honey these things produce works as a cure heavy wounds spell. Worth about 40000 credits on the open market because of the jelly's properties. 
  9. The claw of a ghoul king who has hidden in the pages of history. This claws is one of last remains of the king and it is capable of granting and twisting any wishes put to it. The thing will murder anyone who comes into possession of this item. 9000 gold pieces as a curio. 
  10. A piece of ivory inscribed with  the spell to summon Cthulhu from the watery depths of  his ancient and age old home. The ivory is worth 5000 gold pieces to a branch of the cult of Starry Wisdom.

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