Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review & Commentarty On The The Kogolor Fan Guide - A Free OSR and Hollow World Resource

Are you into the Hallow World? Do you like Dwarves? Well the folks over at the The Piazza have a pretty damn fine download. Fan Guidebook for the Kogolor Dwarves is now available in PDF format over at The Piazza. you can find it under the blue and white layout for the book. Everything about this little beauty looks like it came out of the Hallow World Box set. Or one of the early Nineties products from the artists and writers of the last gasps of TSR!  
Grab It right over 
The layout and everything is straight up Hollow World with all of the classic elements right under one roof.
This download fits all of the criteria l for the setting for these  from culture, marriage, society, treasures and lots of adventure opportunity. All of the details of this download contain everything you need for the Fan Guidebook for the Kogolor Dwarve. Everything is perfectly aligned to move as one system but mostly likely this is going to end up being fodder for a future campaign.


This supplement is meant to be printed out and added right into the back of your Hollow World rpg box set binder and gives greater gravitas to your campaign lost world of  Mystara or Blackmoor. This pdf walks a fine line between the pulp sensibilities of Mystara and the weirdness of The Hollow World Box set. We pretty much get everything we need to flesh out Dwarves of  The Kogolor Fan Guide. And its done in the style of the Hollow World box set and if this section was slipped into the box set I doubt a new player would be any the wiser but are these folks playable? In the context of the Hollow World not only are they playable but would probably a very enjoyable addition to the OD&D and Blackmoor worlds. I keep saying Blackmoor because the Hollow World is a 'living museum' and adding these folks in on the Mystara timeline isn't hard at all. Its actually a matter of simply going in seeing what time periods you or players want to game in and dropping these guys in.

In terms of the writing this is about as basic as stero instructions and really that's the way you want it. This pdf lays everything right out at the feet of the DM from the dwarves beginnings to their preservation, the culture is there, the mores and norms are there, every little detail is laid out in spades with an eye to both the veteran player & DM as well as the Hollow World experts. Because this book was writing by fans of the setting for fans of the setting so that new players can get into it with the intent of playing some solid PC with their roots in the Blackmoor and Mystara timelines. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and this product is done in the retro layout style that the Hallow World fans love. Which brings up the obvious? This is a labor of love done by those who have an appreciation and draw from the source material.  


  1. Your welcome Havard. Its a damn fine addition into the Hollow World canon and I thought those who love dwarves would get a kick out of it.Cheers!


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