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1d10 North West Litchfield Hills Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

There are things in the hills of Northwest Connecticut that can kill an adventurer and they move along ancient trails and sometimes jump from their dimensional zones into the lives of those poor fools who venture too close to Torrington.
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1d10 North West Litchfield Hills Random Encounter Table
  1. 1d8 Downy Northern Terror bird flock moving along to tear apart any juicy humanoid prey they find. 
  2. 1d4 family of Giant Northwestern Ct trolls looking to trade and possibly a spare meal. 
  3. A group of 1d8  Elven raiders on horse back looking for slaves and prey 
  4. Mutated giant  turkey flock out walking the chicks 1d6 
  5. Hill giant warrior looking for a quick meal, he's been near some runoff and sports 1d4 mutations.
  6. A bunch of very scared mercenary adventurers with 1d4 minor wounds, they've been on the run from something very nasty and dangerous. 
  7. A warlord from Litchfield on a mecha float with an entourage of 1d6 minor warriors of 2nd level, collecting taxes and looking to start something. 
  8. A troupe of 1d4 mutant bards looking to score a gig on the Green of Litchfield, they don't realize that a pack of 1d4 pig faced orcs is looking to start trouble with them.
  9. 1d6 Church of Starry Wisdom cult members down from Arkham Mass  looking for converts and sacrifices. Led by a 6th level wizard and three minor necromancers of 3rd level. 
  10. 1d4 cavemen sporting mutations, hide shields,stone spears, and looking for trouble. On the backs of primitive horses and partially drunk out of their skulls.

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Note that Litchfield and its green are one of the most civilized areas in this region of Connecticut in Neo England. Adventurers should be rather a bit weary of the high taxes that are placed on freebooters and adventurers.

Location within Litchfield County, Connecticut


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