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The Visitors & Their Armed Forces For Your Old School Campaigns

The Visitors are a seemingly benevolent race of aliens who extend the hand of friendship and peace to human and humanoid races across the dimensions and planes.  They are in fact insidious inter dimensional and interstellar conquerors from beyond the pale.

They come from beyond  the Outer Darkness in their great flying wheels, the Visitors are beings of seeming benevolence and order under whose boot a world is marked by  brutality.The Visitors first appear as refugees seeking asylum upon worlds of Earth like quality and looking to exploit  natural resources. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those who give into these fiends will soon have all rights & free choice taken away. Worlds taken over are nothing more then factories whose populations feed, house, and process themselves for their alien masters.  The citizens have short brutal and repressive lives.   As their master's gigantic mother ships  hover over the capital cities of a campaign's major cities.
Armed with advanced relic plasma blasters, Dew Pistols  these soldiers from another world will not take resistance lightly. They  are the equivalent of a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  level fighters and officers are 6th or better level NPC's.  They are  very dangerous to cross and crush resistance with force and impunity. In dimensions and planes where these empires flourish there will be Visitor mother ships over every capital city. There will be Visitor towers in rural areas marking these areas as holdings.
 Local resources and the population are considered products to be packed up, and shipped off to Reptilian & serpent men based  worlds across the dimensions.
The Visitors or reptilians have had interactions with the human race for eons and this interaction does not seem to be ending any time soon. Humans and near human races are far too valuable a resource and food supply to simply be discarded.
Visitors have been encountered in many worlds, timelines, and dimensions. They should not be taken lightly. The officers, administrators, and higher ups may have magical or psionic abilities. There is a 40% chance of these abilities appearing in NPC's.

Visitor Origins & Tactics

 The Reptilians who escaped the destruction of their Mu colonies and their ancient Valusia serpent men ancestors from their ancient  home lands. They're gigantic mother ships still roam across the planes through the Outer Darkness and have been seen on a number or alternative Earth home world and the like. They're serpent men based occult religion and  cults firmly established as their mother ships and towers can be seen stretching across the face of countless planets.
Frequency: Common on controlled worlds. 
No Appearing: 2- 200 
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1-6
% in Lair : 60% chance 
Treasure type: M
No of Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attacks: By weapon 
Special Attacks: Leader Types 
Special Defense: See leader type as well. 
Magic Resistance: standard 
Intelligence: Mean, average to very 
Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Size: M
 Psionic Ability : Leader Types 
Attack/Defense Mode: Leader Types
Experience: 400 for each soldier, officers 600, administers 1000, and Mother ship serpent queens 2000 or more. 

For every world and nation that these bastards suppress there are those who ready to resist they're a are a part of the resistance. These people will face the mighty rather of the plasma weapon system. These weapons do 5d6 points of damage and have a range of 300 feet as well as a clip having eight shots. A squad of soldiers will be lead by a highly decorated fighter of at least sixth level or higher to lead them.

Each soldier wears a high tech military style helm that is actually incorporates  a sophisticated heads up  display for targeting giving a +1 on attack rolls. It has  defenses &  adds saves against light spells, flash grenades and light based attacks.  The helm has  other sensors which adds dice to the ability to track targets through the thickest under brush, & the helm has  infra-vision and low light abilities which are available up to sixty feet. 

They're anti-gravity shuttle ships are a common sight in certain corners of the multiverse and are used in troop transport, military suppression, a wide variety of roles. They are armed with a wide variety of  laser weapons and are used in a wide variety of  theaters and roles in the Visitor's  worlds.

Each shuttle has a range of over 3 light years and a clean burning atomic rocket system on board but outside of a world's atmosphere the atomic rocket system will quickly drain the shuttle's energy cells. Shuttles have an armor class of 6 and over 60 hit points. They can operate a continuous basis within atmosphere for 1d10 days before the energy cells are completely drained and they must return to the mother ship for recharge. Or suitable industrial cell of Visitor technology. 

The visitors appear to be comely human beings with open and friendly faces. They are masters of high forbidden technologies and super sciences dating back to their Mu past. 

Each Reptilian wears a living skin disguise that adds +3 to all charisma based rolls, this disguise when revealed through violence or on purpose subtracts -4 from the NPC's totals for the purpose of rolls.  These disguises can also be easily discarded on purpose by the soldiers or warriors, they cause some physical discomfort but no more so then a snake shading its skin. 

Rank and file workers and even officers wear eye protection on worlds of yellow star light. This light causes the aliens some discomfort but nothing noticeable on dice rolls. 
The Visitors operate on a caste based tier society with a leader at the very top of the pyramid tier. This is a political, biological, and religious position for these monsters. They're self help serpent based religious cult has spread throughout the dimensions. The  clerics of their faith have been found in many places including the post apocalyptic wastelands, star ports, back water worlds, and other venues. Always extending the hand of friendship while the claw of destruction awaits to strike next.
These priests often act as spies and scouts for the armed  forces of the Visitors for new worlds to conquer and subjugate. They are another facet of a race of dangerous and evil beings who exploit every little weakness of those around them. 

Those adventurers who have come across these forces do not soon forget encounters with them. The Visitors are a dire and dangerous race of alien reptilian  serpent men who have been quietly operating for thousands of years. 

This is a homage to one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure television mini series 'V' and  not a trademark or copy right violation or challenge to the show or its owners. Nor   the role playing systems mentioned in this blog post. All images found using google image search & belong to their respective owners no copyright or trade mark infringement is implied. This blog post is for educational & entertainment purposes only.


  1. Gotta love the original V series! :)

  2. Oh God, I had the entire run on VHS, such a strong first season. So full of new ideas and concepts, but then it kinda got off track. But the books now those were pretty damn good, and there was a ton to mine for game campaigns.

  3. Nice. I've watched both mini-series and the TV season several times. I'll be incorporating V into my writing soon...

  4. Thanks David, its a mostly forgotten relic of 80's awesomeness.

  5. There's a crashed mother ship someplace near one of the' Islands of The Purple Putrescence' in my games. I'm not sure how many folks have made the connection between the Serpent men of the Mythos and 'V' but I saw the fictional connections in my mind right away'

  6. Used to run a Gamma World adventure with V, thot I was only one.. small world

  7. I always loved the scale of the television series and there was always a hint or two that the aliens had done this process before to other worlds. V was a perfect fit for the weirdness of Gamma World. Thanks for the comment and more to come Fred.


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