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Elves Of Neo England For Your Old School Campaigns

The Elven tribes of Neo England trace their roots back to Fairyland and are dimensional travelers who it seems have been with us since the beginning of recorded history. They're a factitious and dangerous set of races at best who trace their own twisted linage back to the Moon and their Selenite ancestors. They have vast magical and solar energy based technologies that they have inherited right down the line.

For Neo England, the Elven races are alien, weird, and very rare rarely seen except at trading posts. They solar and light based technologies to remain hidden in their settlements that border reality. The Cobble Hill Dimensional Warp leads directly to the  parallel world into Fairyland.
The former Houstonic State forest has spread its way through most of Canaan; parts of Cornwall and Huntsville as well as Lower City on the Cornwall border. There are lots of odd species of mutant fungus,and alien invasive species of plants in the area. The largest concentrations of half Elven populations are in this area. Weird lights, disappearances by locals, odd paranormal activity, and fairy lights are all part and parcel of this area of Connecticut.

File:Appalachian Trail Pine Knob Loop Trail section in Housatonic Meadows State Park scenic overlook of the Housatonic River.JPG
Stone man mountain, Bradford Mountain,Stone man Mountain, Barrack Mountain, and many others boast gateways to the Fey realms and healthy populations of many of the most common types of  Lunar fungus including Shriekers, Violet, giant mushrooms and many mutant strains of the fungal life forms.
There have been over the centuries tensions between the Elven colonies and Dwarven holdings on Rattle Snake Mountain, Hay Stack State Park, and the Dwarven strong hold and trading center at Canaan Valley itself. There is a human and Dwarven trading post in the center of town. The Dwarves are regarded with more then a bit of awe and some caution. The largest of the Dwarven strong holds being in Adirondack Mountains. Clashes over dimensional holdings and gateways have been rare at best but have happened.
There are rumors that the Elves of the Canaan region are the souls of British and Dutch settlers from eons ago returned to reclaim their ancient lands.
Whiteface Mountain from Lake Placid Airport.JPG
The Canaan and Norfolk areas are rife with invasive species of giant insects which were brought with the first of the Elven settlers centuries ago. Neo England Ankheg,
giant fire beetles , & many other giant insect species are all too common in this area and some sport mutations that have been specially adapted to the region. Many are responsive to the telepathic and magical arts of the Elves. Certain witch clans in the region also use these monsters as guardians or worse.
Super scientist speculation is that originally these monsters were part of the Selenite biological mining mechanisms and were simply adopted by their descendants. The same DNA records have been matched between species. As always the Elven residents of the area have been quite closed lipped. But the speculation remains among the locals of the area.
The same methods of control for the giants of the moon are used in Canaan and haven't changed for centuries.

Elven rites, communities, and settlements have been carried on for centuries right under the watchful eyes of the human and mutant populations of Neo England. It is doubtful that these alien settlers will ever fully reveal their ancient secrets but adventurers and traders are somewhat common in the area.

1d10 Random Neo England Elven Finds
  1. 1d4 psychic crystals that will respond the minds of the user each glowing with alien colours and once per day will act as a charm spell entrancing the owner. Worth 100 gold pieces. 
  2. Cursed Elven shot, this material will bring down a curse upon the head of those who own such things. Completely worthless except to those who use such foul things. 
  3. A piece of meteor crystal made into a +2 dagger of sharpness, worth 300 gold pieces. 
  4. Twisted piece of still living wood that can be used by a sorcerer to store 1d4 spells. 
  5. Elven staff of spun golden crystal and wire able to be used to store 1d6 minor telepathic or telekinesis abilities. 600 gold pieces
  6. Ring of Teleportation made from spun time and energy, spun from a moment of loss and regret. 700 gold pieces 1d4 charges when found 300 mile range 
  7. Dagger of glass and barbed wire spun from junk made into a +1 dagger, 200 gold pieces as it's not of the best quality. It will become useless after 1d4 battles. 
  8. A spun cloth of golden fabric that will hold the user's thoughts and project them as artwork. Can be used 1d100 times before needing to be recharged. 
  9. Mother's milk potion, heals 1d30 points of damage but the owner must sleep 1d6 days. 
  10. A crystal that shows gateways to Fairyland. 1d8 charges before it turns black.
    All material adapted from The First Men In The Moon By HG Wells Available right Here

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