Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1d20 Random Unexpected Finds From A Car Wreck Table For Your Old School Campaign

No matter the universe or alternative world, automobiles have a special appeal for adventurers, they draw them like flies. The freebooter or adventurer will spend hours rummaging through or going over every square inch of a car interior or exterior. Here then is a list of 1d20 random random unexpected finds from a car wreck to torture your adventuring party with
1d20 Random Unexpected Finds From A Car Wreck Table
  1. 1d8 plague zombies in the trunk, armed with a wide variety of clubs and very hungry. They seem to keep coming. 
  2. An alien hyperspace generator that glows with an eerie light beyond the normal spectrum.After 1d4 round it has the same effects as a charm person spell then the PC must  save vs death or be incinerated by it.
  3. A strange analog computer running without a power source the thing is chugging away and strange lights play across its surface.A gold bar sits in the middle of the mechanism and anyone grasping it will take 3d6 points of damage. The alien god's spirit possessing the bar will not be happy about being disturbed. 
  4. The mummified remains of Elvis dressed in Las Vegas splendor greets your eyes, this version of the King is actually a fifteenth level lich and chaotic evil to boot! 
  5. Three strange alien humanoids are being held within a stasis pod, they will awaken and wander off after blasting anyone who get's in their way with magic missile spells. All of these guys are fifth level wizards on an unknown mission. 
  6. A black pearl handled 1911 automatic pistol is in the glove compartment with a humanoid hand still attached to the thing. The pistol has a full clip and will damage supernatural monsters. Under the seat is a book with 1d6 2nd level black magick spells. 
  7. A trunk in the back seat of this car contains the remains of a vampire from another world who is seeking his lost love across the dimensional expanse. 
  8. There is a ray gun in the glove compartment and a space suit in the back seat. 
  9. There's a dimensional gate that will try to suck anyone into it in the glove box, make a Dex check now! 
  10. The car looks completely safe and there are several safety deposit boxes in the back seat but this thing is hot and radioactive. Make a radiation check as soon as the back door is opened. 
  11. There are four alien skeletons in the seats and they'll spring to life as soon as the front door is opened! Armed with short swords and stop sign shields. 
  12. A set of spell pamphlets under the seats containing 1d4 6th level black magick spells under the title in common 'How To Ruin Our Children'
  13. A mummified corpse of a scientist with the words 'Time Traveling' written in common on a sheet of cardboard hung around the thing's neck, hands are on the steering wheel. There is an analog pulp style communicator in his pocket and a wand of fire balls in his other pocket 1d4 random charges. He will spring to life and curse anyone who disturbs him and then return to the car. 
  14. The back seat of this car is covered in children's toys and these things are cursed they will spring to life and harry the hell out of the party. Swearing, insulting, these little bastards can magically curse PC's with minor workings. 
  15. A weird grid like structure sits in the trunk and the thing will try to absorb anything that it can. PC's must save vs device or become a part of the workings of the alien thing taking 1d8 points of damage per round. The trunk will shut and the engine of the car will start as the thing drives off into the wasteland. 
  16. This car is sentient and evil, the thing can't move and its A.I. essence has been trapped but it will make all kinds of promises if magically released from its steel and iron prison. Counts as a mid range demon of the worst strip, and it will try to murder anyone searching the car for 1d4 rounds. There is a magic sword in the trunk. 
  17. The corpse of an android George Washington has been secreted in the trunk, this droid holds the key to a cache of super science relic or so it claims but its actually a twisted piece of A.I. hardware murdering adventurers where it can.Armed with sword, black powder pistol, and a very bad attitude. A few minor super science relics to lull adventurers into a false belief of its con.
  18. A demon of  order has been placed inside a dagger in the glove compartment. The thing will try to convert anyone who gets a hold of it. Worth more for the scrap value. +2 dagger of slaying 
  19. A small drum of mutagen compound is leaking in the trunk of this car and anyone approaching within 20 feet must make a mutation check and gain some mutations. 
  20. There is golden statue of a Great Old One within the back seat of this car and all space time is bend as well as warped around the thing. Wizard's casting magic will have all of their spells ripped out of them. It will also try to swallow the souls of anyone who get's within 30 feet if it can. There are 1d6 minor demons who serve this thing and will attack anyone they can to free their minor dark master.



  1. The mummified remains of Elvis, classic!


  2. That's only one Elvis Ed. I might actually do a whole table one of these fine days.


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