Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Voltorian Race For Your Old School Campaigns

The Voltorians are one of the more common Tiefling  races of  Neo England in the Twenty Eighth century. They are a result of a pact made between a martial devil of some standing and a lost tribe of humans during the last days of Atlantis. Voltorians sport weird eye colors, delicate features, slightly scaled skin  and a high understanding of the arts of super science & sorcery. According to ancient scrolls,"Voltor is the massive subterranean kingdom ruled by the Green Sorceress and home of her Green Empire. The kingdom is fortified with steel walls, lined with gun turrets and observation towers. The people of Volta have a highly militaristic society, possess advanced military technology and obey the whims of the Green Sorceress as if she were their goddess. The population of the kingdom definitely ranges into the thousands, and the Green Sorceress is prepping her armies to conquer the surface world. The only thing that stops them from reaching the surface of Earth is Voltor's ancient enemy, Deltos
Voltorians have the following Tiefling characteristics: 
  • Voltorians can't be of the Lawful alignment 
  • Voltorian females gain +2 to Charisma, +1 to Wisdom but a -1 to Dexterity. The males gain +2 to Strength, +1 To Wisdom, -1 on Charisma & a +1 on Dexterity
  • Infra-vision up to 60' as per Dwarves's ability, this is compensated for with special contact lens or goggles worn to block against the harmful rays of the Sun. 
  • Voltorians  in broad day light or in sun light they suffer a –1 penalty to all attack and damage rolls, skill checks and saving throws. In addition, their spell casting level (if any) is at –1 (e.g. a 5th level dark elf mage would cast a 4d6 Fireball, rather than a normal 5d6 one).
  • Voltorians gain the charm person ability once per day
  • Voltorians suffer the effects of Fiend Blood - All magic items, sacred places, and such that effect devils or demons will effect them. They can not be banished. 
  • Voltorians instinctively recognize Voltorian items of super science and sorcery of the Voltorian or Green Empire 
  • Voltorians may have a 10% chance of gaining some minor super science item. See appropriate matrix. 
  • Voltorians are ancient enemies of the Drow with animosity going back eons and gain a +1 on recognizing the works, patterns, languages etc of the Drow. But they are also at -2 on all charisma based rolls when dealing with Drow, this is very rare as the Drow are considered legendary and nearly mythical by modern Voltorians.
  • Because of their familiarity with both super science and sorcery Voltorians gain a some technology based skills. These are part of a character package built by the DM and player. 
  • Because they are so long lived the Voltorians take longer to gain levels, so they progress as if they were one level of experience of higher.

     The Green Empire has claimed the ruined kingdom of Thomaston Connecticut and has moved in death rays, and several large wizard machines from the lower depths of the Earth from the kingdom of Voltor. The Voltamen have had several clashes with them and Voltorian adventurers and freebooters have become increasingly common in several of the surrounding villages in the Neo England area.
    Location in Litchfield County, Connecticut
    The Green empire has had trade going on for centuries with the Atlantandria realms and has extensive knowledge of the zones and overlaps of Accursed Atlantis.  Adventurers and freebooters from the Green Empire  have also been recruited for man's continuing efforts out in the Outer Worlds. There have been arm sales between the colonies of the Outer Worlds and Green Empire.

    The Green Empire's claim of Thomaston is a bone of contention with the Voltamen and clashes between the two have claimed the lives of several hundred humans, mutants, and alien species living in the area. Only time will tell with the assumaltion of the Voltorians in the area and what part the Green Empire will play.


  1. Thanks Venger I've been meaning to get these guys up for a while, my PC's have been running into these guys in a few adventures and their wondering what's going on. So I wrote em up as a playable race,and we'll see if they get played in game. Thanks for the comments my friend!


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