Friday, June 19, 2015

1d10 Random Space Wrecks Encountered In The Wasteland Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The skies are full of incredible technology of the ancients, and occasionally these relics from another time come crashing into the wastelands making adventurers lives all that more complicated but in the wastelands of Atlantandria. But these time capsules of ruin  are prime opportunities for adventurers to take full advantage of the treasures within. Here then is a D20 Random table of space wrecks to spice up your games.

1d10 Random Space Wrecks Encountered In The Wasteland Table
  1. Wrecked saucer containing 1d8 relics and alien zombies ready to tear into your party. These three foot tall beings are very mean and hungry. 
  2. An atomic rocket has crashed and all crew have long since died. The thing is a radiation hazard and is slowly cooking the landscape around it.Make a radiation save here followed by a mutation check. 
  3. This weird looking organic wreck is merely a framework but is revered as scared by the local mutants who will have 1d8 minor relics on them from the ship. 
  4. A weird octogen of a flying saucer has embedded itself in the landscape on board are 1d10 imps from the Abyss who are chewing on the alien crew's souls and wouldn't mind adding yours as well. 1d6 minor technological items 
  5. Weird organic metal structure is all that is left of a ship but its now actually a dimensional gateway to an alternative Earth. Guarded by a minor demon. 
  6. A black strange relic from another time period holds within 1d6 alien survivors from another world there is a 10% that they might be possessed by a alien life form and will try to infect others with it.
  7. Dangerous space wreck from another time has crashed into the local space time bringing with it, incredibly dangerous prehistoric alien life forms. There will be 1d10 of these horrors who will go on a rampage. There is no clue where these things are from. 
  8. A band of mutant raiders has come from another place to find their brothers and sisters who have been lost to a wreck in the wastelands, they will pay your party with relics and favors. A dangerous space pirate is coming to call as well with his crew of 1d10 revers.
  9. A strange sphere holds 1d8 robotic horrors who will exit the ship and murder anyone who comes to close to this wreck. There are fabulous treasures aboard but strange and forbidden alien secrets as well. 
  10. An alien saucer holds 1d10 war machines that will claim victims as slaves for their masters, the space wreck above is merely an illusion. 

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