Monday, June 29, 2015

Commentary on the new Call of Cthulhu Style Adventure Kickstarter From Venger Satanis - The Outer Presence

So there's a new Venger Satanis Kickstarter page up for a new adventure called the Outer Presence, the idea here is a slick investigative adventure in the style of Cannibal Holocaust with a twist of Cannibal  Lost, and  heap of H.P. Lovecraft on top. Now the bend in the road is that this is an investigative style adventure in the spirit of Call of Cthulhu, call me a glutton for punishment but I'm very curious to see how this is going to turn out.
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An investigative horror scenario including a fast and easy, old school system allowing gamers to get on with it and start playing.

Another very interesting aspect of this adventure is that its not set in the Twenties or Thirties but the Sevenities. That brings a whole other twisted aspect to the table. Think about it, the Sevenities is a perfect CoC time. Civil unrest, ecomomic angst, the energy crisis, the occult revival all perfectly framed with the Mythos.
Now there are some clues already as to how this adventure might go down. You've got an entire play test entry right over HERE
But the bit that really grabbed my attention is from the play test of  the adventure;
'Onto New Guinea!  Their host was a piece of work.  I really wanted to push the envelope with what players and PCs might expect from the scenario's principle antagonist.  He pushed a lot of buttons and made everyone hate him.  PCs didn't actually vomit... but they wanted to.  Incidentally, the actor Sidney Greenstreet was my inspiration for Doctor Karl Steiner.

Exploring the temple!  Over the last few years, I've been on the jungle cruise at Disney World's Magic Kingdom probably a dozen times.  The part when the boat goes into that dark structure was the basis for my temple.  Could have been more detailed, but I think it was successful on the whole.'
I'm not rushing out just yet but I'm sure this will have the Venger flare to it. Given the fact that I've got at least three or four Satanis books on my shelf and the amount of Call of Cthlhu books that I'm in love with this looks very interesting to me. So in my humble opinion, drop some coin and let's get this pdf out of the gate.


  1. Thanks, hoss. There's actually a 3 hour skype game on youtube with more detail than my early playtest. Here's the link:

  2. Thanks I'll have to check it out Venger, sounds like a great horror idea for an adventure. Can't wait to see when this adventure get's funded! Cheers and all my best to the Satanis family and the new baby.


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