Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smart Disk & Control Gauntlet For Your Old School Campaigns

The smart disk is a weapon of incredible deadliness and complexity, almost always found with its wrist gauntlet and controller this weapon requires a Wisdom check when first found to even fathom its operation. 
  The weapon is a +3 bladed weapon capable of slicing through most substances with easy except certain types of stone, brink work, and Atlantian concrete. The smart disk is capable of being hurled like a thrown discus or spear and flawlessly returning to its owner even if a hit is scored, so rapidly that it can hurled every round. With a wisdom check the weapon is capable of hitting multiple targets but this requires a round or more  to feed the programmed information into the smart weapon's control gauntlet. The weapon is at a -1 if six or more target's are acquired. But the weapon will always return to its owner. This weapon can be used as a +3 counting as a short sword in most respects and only +2 or better magical weapons have any chance of damaging the weapon. The smart disk is powered by a mini planar cell and requires no recharging for its operation. 

The weapon was developed by a race of alien hunters with a long standing hatred and rage against the Atlantian and Lemurian military colonies stationed in the depths of the Boreas and North Wind expanses. The hunters often slaughtered entire bases down to a man, often leaving  one survivor to spread the tales of the demon hunters who came from the depths of the Outer Darkness in the night.

Note that those using the control gauntlet have a 5% percent chance of accidentally activating a destruction sequence in the alien technologies when these weapons are found. There will be countdown of ten alien symbols once this sequence is locked in it is best for PC's to pray to their gods. This sequence will create a cascade of nuclear and rolling plasma chaos that will destroy everything within a 20 mile radius or more including plants, animals, and humanoids.  Simply roll up new characters should this happen. Because of the arcane and alien nature of this only members of this alien and very dangerous hostile species can stop such events from happening. 

 This is a variation of a weapon that appeared on the cult classic Predator  films. This is a homage to one of my all time favorite guilt pleasure films  not a trademark or copy right violation or challenge to the film  or the role playing systems mentioned in this blog post. All images found using google image search & belong to their respective owners no copyright or trade mark infringement is implied. This blog post is for educational & entertainment purposes only.  'I'm getting to old for this #$@*'

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