Monday, June 8, 2015

Review & Commentary of The Revamped BLUEHOLME The Necropolis of Nuromen From Dreamscape Design For Your Old School Campaigns

Dreamscape design has done a complete ground up revamp and improvement to the Blueholme adventure The Necropolis of Nuromen from the interior outward with lots of little blends and bobs to it. The adventure clocks in at at twenty pages of pure adventure with a fairy tale feel to it on steroids. This is a great adventure to throw a beginning party of adventurers into.
Its Pay What You Want Right Over
This adventure features additional background, new maps, and an entire follow-on mini-adventure starring the notorious outlaw Lothar the Lawless. The reasons why this is such a great adventure are also laid out by the author,  this is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair and deal with some bandits, too.
But does it live up to the hype? I actually think it does.
Right out of the gate the party of adventurers is brought into a situation that draws them in and brings them close to the edge of a campaign setting that will provide them with weeks if not months of play. 
This adventure lays out everything from back history to full blown dungeon crawling in one go along with NPC's, some monsters (well lots of them) and some solid weird pulpy fairy tale adventuring right into the center of the whole affair. The prose is cleaned up and the layout solidly done and everything has been put together in a nice easy to read style. On the whole the adventure flows very well in the reading and is very easy on the eye. There are a ton of public domain artwork scattered throughout but these are perfectly suited to the whole affair and add to the adventure without distracting at all from the whole.
The adventure is keyed to be regionalized and local to it's environment, rumor tables link back into the implied campaign setting, things make sense on a local level, and forces are all evenly matched to the weird of the setting. This is a perfect adventure for players who will or could migrate into a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign along the way or vice versa with Blue Holmes.
If you already have a copy of The Necropolis of Nuromen, then go back to Drivethrurpg and grab the updated PDF. You won't be sorry the maps are very well done.
The fact that this adventure has a fully realized dungeon at its center and side makes this a great starting point to bring players into the Holmes mindset over and over they get a taste of the weird while maintaining the integrity of their PC's. In the  middle of all this there are several places, events, and monsters that can end their 1st level snow flake existences and lives like blow torches. That's not an easy balance to pull off but 
The Necropolis of Nuromen does this with wit, charm, style and a sense of the fairy tale wrapped around a core of a solidly done adventure. My advice is to grab this one, some friends and get into the middle of a BlueHolmes style of play. Everything is right here to bring home the vibe and weirdness of a fully functional dungeon crawl that can play havoc with PC's while everyone has fun. This adventure brings home  that old school vibe of play with a sense of terror and weirdness while creating  an adventure that is actual fun to play. The Necropolis of Nuromen is a great adventure for both veterans and beginning players of old school OD&D and Blueholmes style games. 


  1. I'd missed that they updated it. I really enjoyed the original version so I can't wait to see what they've done with it now.

  2. I definitely would grab the updated version of this module. The updates include some pretty nice tweaks, fixes, and expansions in certain areas.


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