Sunday, June 21, 2015

1d10 Random Garage Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The ruins of houses are found throughout the wastelands and attached to them are often garages but what treasures, finds, and other weird random items might turn up in these incredible opportunities just waiting for your adventurers to stumble upon, find and exploit.
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Ji-Elle - Own work
1d10 Random Garage Finds Table

  1. A partially completed personal armor restoration with three skeletons around it with tools in their hands. They will animate in 1d4 rounds and grab wrenches to defend their find. There are various minor relics around the place. The armor is scout. 
  2. A fully restored classic car is actually the resting place for a female pit fiend of incredibly vicious nature. The car will respond as a prime example of it's type for 1d3 weeks and then begin to kill off PC's and NPC's one by one. Worth over 60,000 gold pieces 
  3. A complete set of skeletons in mystic robes gathered around an inverted pentacle of bright neon green, there is a presence within this place and 1d6 ghosts will gather above the PC's heads and attack, there are 1d4 minor magic items in this place. 
  4. A 2885 classic hover craft of the best type fully restored and perfectly preserved. Fueled and ready to go. A skeleton is sitting in the driver's seat. 
  5. A very surprised group of 1d8 mutant warriors with Old West out fits and weapons working on a cybernetic horse or two. 
  6. 1910 Ford automobile with gas and spark plugs missing, 1d6 minor tools scattered around and a half eaten ham sandwich. 
  7. A fully stocked machine shop with 1d30 machines, drills, presses and other manufacturing materials. Many of these are fully ready to go. 
  8. Nothing, the place has been picked clean. 
  9. This place is full of  a family car with skeletons, lawn furniture, and a crystal skull of some ancient lich 10 level wizard sitting on the hood. The thing will blast the first person opening the door.
  10. A garage that opens into a Hellmouth and its very hungry!

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