Saturday, June 20, 2015

1d10 Random Finds In Trunks Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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There have always been those who have gone on the 'Grand Tour' and trunks have been one of the main stays of the home away from home. Adventurers out in the wastes and ruins have always found that trunks can hold far more then the usual, so here is a random table to help with those weird finds in the wastelands.

1d20 Random Finds In Trunks Table
  1. A weirdly put together trunk of unusual wooden aspect with nine drawers of finely carved wood holds the delicately preserved and dried remains of unknown creatures and perhaps demons. There are 200 gold pieces of alien aspect in a false bottom and an enchanted knife as well. 
  2. This ivory and gold coloured trunk holds several pieces of artwork and mystic books, the thing also has twelve drawers of plastic and these hold socks, dress shirts, and other impliments of fine dress but also a small statue of Cthlhu as well. 
  3. A three piece set of luggage actually holds the broken down pieces of a mechanical man and an android of very advanced design. There is also a set of tools to put them together. 
  4. A weirdly crafted set of trunks holds an entire magic shop in a series of three or four warded and strange magick pieces. There is also the mummified head of a demon as well hidden within it. A psychotic dwarf with a hump has been stalking these pieces for centuries. 
  5. Three chests stacked one on another each warded with signs of the gods of the unholy on them. Each one contains the still living head of an angel. They will sing and speak in tongues but otherwise pay no attention to their surroundings. These things are indestructible. Each one will produce a special gold coin from their mouths at the top of the hour.  
  6. A professional hat box contains the head of Oliver Cromwell from an alternative Earth, this Lich thing is a 10 level wizard and will bargain with others for his demonic masters for pacts by making outrageous promises and lies. 
  7. Three mummified cats of a demonic nature have been sealed within this set of trunks and these also include the minor treasure of super science relics they guard. There is also 22 sacred silver pieces that they hold under glass. 
  8. A red with trunk with an eye of Horus contains the cursed remains of an animated Ventriloquist dummy named Marvin who is a 12 level wizard whose mind was sealed in this mini monster by a demon centuries ago.This thing has a mean streak a mile wide and a diabolic mind of twisted aspect. 
  9. A weird green  trunk contains an alien city and the living miniature alien citizens who will try to over whelm anyone who opens this trunk to swallow their souls. They have existed for centuries on this practice and the trunk contains six skeletons of past victims. These might be valuable to the right wizard. There is also  a solid gold wand within the thing. 
  10. This trunk contains a mirror gateway to another dimension and has been used in the past to trap all kinds of prisoners over the centuries, when moved to a random spot there is a 30% chance of some evil version of a historic figure exiting the trunk and trying to escape. There is a 10% chance that the person trying exit will try and murder the owner of the trunk.


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