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1d20 Random Minor Artifacts of Hades Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When the old gods died not everyone went quietly, Hades rages still beyond the barriers of twilight and night itself, the underworld vomits up the occasional artifact from beyond the Outer Darkness. Here then is a 1d20 random minor finds of the underworld that can be found along the wastes and shores of the rivers of death and the shorelines between dimensions.

1d20 Random Minor Artifacts of Hades Table
  1. A broken sword that still has the blood of its last kill, the thing moans and sings to itself missing its master's hand. The hilt has bits of semi precious stones and it acts as a +1 dagger against demons. 
  2. A vase that contains the still beating heart of its original owner, the thing fills with blood that will heal 1d20 points of damage but those healed will be filled with an apathy for life. They will try to commit suicide before the new moon. But will return to their right mind with a successful saving throw. 
  3. A broken crown filled with grim from a volcano, the thing will grown more heavy throughout the day but will act as a rod of ruler ship by high noon. Once per day the user may banish a minor undead or demon. 
  4. This set of robes belongs to the dead but it will allow the owner to pass among undead or damned as if he were one of them. The owner's face and appearance will be as one of the damned when these robes are donned. They will allow one to pass into the underworld for 1d6 days. 
  5. A lyre that strums with the sound of love lost, this instrument will play songs of ancient days past and move its listeners to tears but the real ability of this instrument is to enable one to open the ancient doors into the Underworld. 
  6. This bone once belonged to one of the heads of Cerberus, and it allows one to banish a demon from their presence once every three days. The bone will also find a source of water easily and is sought by those who drill wells. 
  7. This ancient hazel wand will allow one to track the damned and undead within a three mile radius. The wand can hit a target with a hold spell. A demonic guardian seeks this item. 
  8. A key that opens one of the cells in Hades and will allow one to cross into one of the secret doorways into the underworld. 
  9. A cube of iron wrought from the chains of the gods and titans, this item allows one to create a 'cube of force' around a minor demon of Hades. The thing has ninety nine names of common demons its sides and top. A minor power allows one to track things of Hades across the planes. 
  10. This razor sharp knife allows one to cut through the illusions of Hades and Hell with ease. With some advanced magicks this knife could be used to cut between worlds but each time one does there is a 10% chance the knife could break. 
  11. This sword can belonged to a famous magus and allows one to sit in on the courts of the dead and hear their secrets. But the owner may be called in on one of their friends. 
  12. A bleeding knife has been thrust into an apple, the thing allows one to have perfect fertility with the goddess of the underworld's blessing. The thing is cursed and will make one become pregnant with a child of mockery of themselves. 
  13. A shield has been hollowed out as drinking cup of the lost gods, this thing is inscribed with the dread runes and names of the judges of the dead.  The thing gives second sight and access to the hearts of the damned.. 
  14. A short sword that has inscribed on its blade the words of the damned, this enables on to pass among them without harm. The blade enables the owner to detect those who have returned from Hades without fail 
  15. This ark contains the remains of a once great king on Earth, and it allows one to have access to his soul and wisdom. The thing will allow one to teleport once per week. 
  16. A sacrificial knife of volcanic glass that will send the soul of the intended straight to Hades and allows one to commune with the god. 
  17. Twenty silver pieces that allow the owner to summon a demon of Hades and pay them from the purse that is ever full. 
  18. A globe of pulsing, beating, alien energy that is actually anti time capable of allowing the owner to go back in time 1d30 years and alter the past or future creating alternative worlds of weird circumstance. There is a 10% chance that the real owner of this globe will come for it. 
  19. A piece of iron from the Styx that has the power to make the user immune to the weapons of the underworld and the Abyss. 
  20. This piece of burnt flesh is demonic in nature and allows one to summon a wayfarer of Hades to take any soul into the Underworld for torment.


  1. as usual, I love it and need to use something from it.

  2. Be my guest and use what you need to. I had some great fun making this one. Thanks for the comment and more coming up.


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