Thursday, June 25, 2015

1d10 Random Relics of the Cult Of Medusa Table For Your Old School Campaigns

     It is only after Medusa was slain that her head became a ritual artifact and a thing of legend as well as myth.It has spawned many echoes across time and space, the blood of this legend has spawned numerous monsters. There are myriad pretenders and imitator artifacts of Medusa's head ,more often then not these objects of horror and weirdness. Often these items  are by products of the divinity that continues to bleed from legend that has come down through history. Medusa was the only mortal sister of a trio of divine goddesses that the hero Perseus slayed so many centuries ago. There are those that claim that Medusa's sisters continue to search for their sister's head down through the centuries. Here then is random chart of the lesser random relics of the cult of Medusa.

1d10 Random Relics of the Cult Of Medusa Table

  1. The mask of Medusa, this ritual mask is made from  the semi living flesh of the goddess and a single bite from the animated snakes on the mask will heal 1d10 points of damage or restore the 'vitality' of a man or woman who receives the rite of the temple. 
  2. A severed head of a raven haired woman whose serpent hair will animate but the thing will shoot out barbed darts that do 2d6 points of damage. The target must save vs. poison or pass out from the pain of having poison running through their veins. 
  3. This head is telepathic and is actually a warlord of the wastes specializing in dealing with underworld scum of the worst sort. This head is semi living and is in charge of a gang of outlaws & cut throats. Sending representatives throughout the campaign.
  4. The church of Starry Wisdom is seeking out this particular head because it allows the owner to open dimensional gates and passages through time and space. The  blood of this head is a  hideous poison able to melt metal into slag. It will do 3d6 points of damage to anything it touches. 
  5. A strange blue green substance has 3d6 heads of snakes growing out of it. The mask lays nearby and it is truly dangerous but allows the owner to step into the astral for limited periods. 
  6. A mask made from jig sawed bits of monster flesh allows the owner to transform into a random type of creature for 1d4 rounds. The mask's hair will attack any target of the owner's choice. 
  7. A strange combination of super science relic and the flesh of a monster make this artifact. The thing allows the owner to communicate telepathically with machines around him within a 40 yard range. The mask allows the owner to release a psionic pulse for 2d6 points mental damage. 
  8. This mask is still warm to the touch and is sacred to a snake cult of the most extreme type. They use the mask to poison themselves hoping to court favor with the great god Yig. The owner is able to put a curse of serpents upon a target. 
  9. This isn't the severed head of the ancient goddess, instead this 'head' is actually the resting place for an ancient  A.I. which will attempt to possess the adventurer who disturbs  it.
  10. This head and bit of body tissue will spawn 1d8 miniature monsters within 1d4 rounds of being handled. The head will sing a song of summoning and gate in 2d4 hidden cult warriors.

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