Monday, June 8, 2015

Subcar Station Of Terror - Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Actual Play Event

  So over the weekend I've gotten together with my players minus one and they've gone over the task of trying to deal with items and devices in the wizard's laboratory and the subcar from last week's game . They also stumbled upon a crew of shadow goblins which gave them a very hard time nearly taking out at least two of the PC. The goblins were on loan to the wizard as crew to maintain his technology from the Derro. The players are being far more cautious about this laboratory now. They also found at least two secret chambers that have branching tunnels to other places;they decided to explore these later. The night goblins were more then a match and the melee took quite awhile. Then it was time to explore their plunder a bit but it was way,way, too strange for them. 

After a quick look through some of the bubbling, burbling,strange mad scientist style contents of the various labs and what not; the party didn't to play with some of the Earth shattering weirdness . The stuff  in the jars of multi colored liquids and odd organs proved to be too much. A quick look through  door number two might be a better choice?
They decided to investigate the two hidden tunnels one of which was an endless stair case that branched off into the darkness seemingly forever. The PC's opened the door, peered in and saw something demonic from below.They did not like this situation at all. They threw the night goblin corpses down the stairs and then sealed the door. 

The second bit of investigation lead them almost straight into the clutches of a closet monster. A rather nasty minion and guardian of the Byways that they weren't expecting. After a rather brief series of tom foolery and Dex checks the party got the door closed, bolted, and sealed. 

  They had bigger fish to deal with besides as something came shambling down the tracks of the subcar. A bunch of zombies from up the line were coming in for a visit with the PC's. This bit of violence took the rest of the night and introduced several new wrinkles to the game. But the fight with the zombies took a lot out of them. 

Continued this coming week as the subcar door's mysteriously opened! Do they get in to continue the journey? 

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