Monday, June 22, 2015

1d10 Random River Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Rivers offer opportunities for a DM to drop hints about the past of his adventure locations right into the middle of their campaign worlds just with a quiet stroll along the water ways of your campaigns. Downtime between adventures is the perfect time to introduce another quiet and subtle  hook right into an adventurer's pocket. Here are 1d10 reasons to tune into the muck, mud, and mire of the adventure with this down and dirty table. 

1d10 Random River Finds Table

  1. Part of a green bottle with the head of a saint on it. Each one of these bottle's is a part of the hive mind of the this spirit that watches from the other side waiting for an opportunity to influence its owner. The thing will act as a charm spell and this thing is a cursed object with its spirit telepathically communing with the owner. 
  2. Part of a pipe stem that allows its owner to read magical script, the pipe belonged to an extinct order of scribes. There are little flecks of gold and silver dust in the thing. Its effects if smoked from are unknown. 
  3. Part of a vase that was the product during the reign of an ancient lich queen,her beauty can still be seen in the relief on the thing. She watches, waits, and broods from the otherside in anger. The thing manifest's random polergiest effects around it from time to time. Sought by an old order of her followers. 
  4. This brass amulet piece will heal 1d4 points per day of damage but demands that a donation be made to an extinct charity and 1d4 random acts of kindness be preformed in its goddess's name. The priests of this goddess are watching for a sign. 
  5. Part of an ancient cannon that has a face of a elemental demon, the thing will animate and demand blood shed and violence. Should it be freed then the thing will rage and destroy at least three neighborhoods before its drawn back into Hell. A cult is seeking these cannons to be melted into a enchanted swords for bloodshed and murder. 
  6. A brass dagger of unknown make that sings in its owner's mind with the heart beat of angels from ancient times. The owner will commit 1d4 heinous murder's in the angel's name none the wiser for his actions. This will happen every new moon. 
  7. A piece of pottery that contains the soul of an old witch who will try to possess the owner and carry out a series of crimes to free her soul from the piece of pottery. 
  8. A piece of a metal map that has local places and such. The thing will show the universal symbols for treasure and wealth which will magically appear across its surface. A cult seeks this thing. 
  9. A piece of silver rope corroded by ages of muck and mire but still shines in moonlight. It is tethered to a god trapped in the astral and the thing will groan each time it is tugged. A cabal of mages seeks this thing. 
  10. A brass and gold statue of an elder god thing sticks up out of the muck, it will cause great excitement among the dock workers who will make signs and avoid eye contact with the finder. The artifact is considered cursed by the populace at large but a secret cult of worshipers will seek out the owner and try and murder him to concentrate the idol. 

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