Saturday, June 20, 2015

1d10 Random Ammo Box Finds Table For Your Old School Game Campaigns

There always seem to be ammo boxes laying around ruins, dungeons, and other places. Adventurers who encounters these handy treasure, and relic containers are in for a surprise. Here's a random table for your adventurers to deal with the uncertainty that these containers bring to the table. 
 1d10 Random Ammo Box Finds Table
  1. Fist sized crystals each containing an imp from the Abyss, the things glare at anyone find them. They will attack if anyone is stupid enough to smash the prisons that contain the little bastards. There will be 1d20 present.
  2. Ammo for a sub standard gun each and every box is filled with the stuff. 
  3. The animated android head of Oliver Cromwell and its pretty pissed off as well as completely insane. There is a 10% chance of the thing knowing magick up to the second level as per the class. 
  4. A dried and frozen fist sized set of different spiders, 20% chance that their venomous. Each one has been hand wrapped and awaits inspection. 
  5. Each compartment in the ammo box has a separate set of rings inset with semi precious stones. What possible properties do these things have?
  6. A giant electronic ring of unknown purpose. The thing will hum, hover, and then open a portal to another dimension. 
  7. A +1 dagger of demon summoning that will active when touched. It will slay humans very quickly. 
  8. A preserved mutant head that will curse anyone opening the ammo boxes. 
  9. Another actual ammo box full of ammo but this time its actually useful for your firearm. 
  10. An idol of Cthulhu just waiting for some fool to pick it up. The thing is slightly slimy to the touch and its able to telepathically link to the dark god himself. The owner can channel 1d4 spells of the old one once per day.

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