Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review & Commentary On The Free OSR Download NPC Toolkit Tables By Corey Ryan Walden For Your Old School Campaigns

Do you need a fast and reliable way of creating excellent NPC's in a timely and pro DM style? Need it with all of those nagging details filled in for you with the flick of the dice? Well once again we've got Corey Ryan Walden bringing the awesome with a full set of charts that can bring all of those things to life for you in one go and their free.
Grab It Right Over HERE

Everything from appearance, disposition, to professions is right there for download and its done very well.
The material gives an almost instant thumbnail portrait of your NPC for your own nefarious purposes in your own game campaign.
NPC Disposition Table - Corey Ryan Walden
This download has a myriad of uses and can be used right across the board with any old school rpg, from OD&D to advanced editions and any of their retro-clone rpg systems. There's a ton of uses for this material, its free and can be used right across into your games. Corey does an excellent job with his material and this project of his is no exception. Grab this one and start rolling up your own NPC's and get them into the game as you see fit. This is one sweet little download. Grab it and give your campaign a solid old school injection of NPC's action.

NPC Profession Table - Corey Ryan Walden

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