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1d20 Random High Level Rusty Gold Relic Table For Your Old School Campaign

There are times when adventurers encounter 'treasures' that are far more dangerous then the average artifact or relic. Things that can be a danger to the villages and peoples as well as the places around them. But what might these relics be and what chart is available to pepper your wasteland with such things? The following relics are dangerous and diabolically horrid, they are mini adventure encounters into themselves. Many of these items will seems as treasures and collectibles themselves with special meaning and attachments for the local populations. 

1d20 Random High Level Rusty Gold Relic Table 
  1. A twenty five foot war mecha that has been hit by artillery fire sometime in the past. This thing is worshiped by a trip of local orcs as an idol of their god. There will be 1d8 of the filthy things bothering anyone doing recovery on the item. This thing is worth 30000 to 50000 in gold alone to a collector or someone restoring mecha. There is also an ancient curse on the thing. 
  2. There is the wreckage of an ancient space craft in the side of the ground. This wreckage is the roasting place for a swarm of striges. This wreckage holds valuable alien treasures as well and 1d6 goblinoid mutants make their temporary lairs here at night. There are relics totaling 60,000 gold pieces 
  3. This ancient military base piece is inhabited by 1d10 zombies, for military collectors and this piece is a perfect addition to their collections. A plague bomb sits in the bottom of the thing and there is a 20% of the device being detected. Items and relics within the thing total 30000 gold but the metal of the building is the real treasure at 100000 gold because it can be used to manufacture swords, shields, and the like. The metal takes enchantment far better then most other materials. 
  4. A wrecked flying saucer sits in the middle of the landscape and is the home to 1d20 alien mutated zombies and horrors. Inside is a semi working FTL drive system and 1d8 relics. The saucer is priceless to a wizard. 
  5. An ancient bronze and gold golem sits in the middle of the land. The thing is semi active and the gold is pure alchemist gold perfect for other magick items. The thing will curse anyone who attempts to deactivate its 'mechanical heart'. The thing is priceless as an alchemist collectible to an alchemist or wizard. 
  6. The last vestiges of ancient flying machine from another dimension, the thing sports all kinds of valuable gears,parts, etc. to a collector, inventor, or wizard. Thing gives off alien radiations and strange cosmic rays anyone coming within 40 feet must make a mutation save or be hit with a mutation within 1d6 rounds. The thing draws all kinds of local undead to it as a moth to a flame and its worth a cool 100000 gold pieces as it stands wasteland fresh. 
  7. This ancient wizard's war machine is over three stories tall and is inhabited by the mutant remains of the wizard. There are 1d30 mutants always present and they have relic weapons and know how to use them. They hate humans with a passion, but their abode has valuable parts worth a cool 10000 gold pieces to a wizard or wasteland warlord. There will be 1d8 relics here. 
  8. An ancient sky fortress has fallen into the woodlands and trees grow through it. There are mutant bird humanoids inhabiting the woods and places around it but the metal and relics within it are very valuable. The entire haul is worth 100000 gold pieces but the place is under the protection of a local mutant warlord. 
  9. A clutch of buildings of the ancients conceals a hellish secret, there is an ancient demon of lust bound within the sacred space of these buildings but gold as well as legends of jewels beckon the foolish to explore this place. The walls of the buildings are alchemist metals and are worth 40000 gold each. An ancient order of paladins watches over the place but will not interfere with the foolish. They will kill interlopers after the fact to provide a sacrifice to rebound the demon. 
  10. A golden tower of technology and wisdom of the Ancients conceals within its walls a golden ark. Within the ark is a crystal skull of sorcery which is able to see future events and to a collector of  memorabilia this is a valuable find. The place is guarded by 1d8 war bots. The skull is worth 200000 gold pieces but the thing is cursed as well. 
  11. In a lake is a space cruiser module from an alternative timeline within are six skeletons and some very valuable vintage space technology. There will be 1d10 mutant gorilla warriors of 3rd level or better who will wish to claim the cruiser. The cruiser itself is priceless to a wizard but there is a curse connected with it. 
  12. A wrecked space coop sits with three skeletons within it including monkey, there are three belts of invisibility within and some communication badges with an unusual design. The FTL drive is intact and the  plasma jets work but this thing will explode in 1d4 rounds if these systems are activated. The coop is worth about 60000 gold but the drive systems are 100000 to the right collector. There is an ancient lich/wizard thing who will appear within 1d10 days of finding it. He wields ancient magics of a dire nature. 
  13. An alien cruiser from outside the galaxy has crashed into the landscape, 1d8 undead horrors reside within, but there are valuable relics worth a cool 10000 gold pieces each. They are under a curse, the wreck of the craft itself is valuable to the right collector or wizard. The power source is intact and can power a small city or factory. Worth 200,000 gold pieces a lich will show up in 1d8 days to claim the remains of the craft because a beckon has been activated. 
  14. There are fourteen ball like building ruins, these alien temple structures have been here for eons but those who venture within tell of strange haunted events and adventurers will lose 1d10 years from their lives as alien things harvest time from them. There are many treasures of the ancients within and the walls of the interior structure are worth a cool 30000 to a wizard or collector of such esoterica. 
  15. Deep below the ground is a valuable automobile of the ancients within a lich still sits at the steering wheel and within the trunk is a very dangerous other dimensional power source. This thing will set off Geiger counters and cause mutation within eighteen hours but the real danger comes from opening the trunk. Those who do so must save vs death or be vaporized by the power of this thing. The lich is a 20th level wizard but his mind will clear with the sleep of ages every 1d10 rounds. The car and artifact are priceless to wizard or warlord alike. 
  16. A giant ancient alien god's spell book has fallen into the landscape and has mutated everything within a five mile radius around it. The thing is very dangerous and those with even a mile of it will be twisted and horrid to look upon. There are 1d8 ancient low level demonic minions guarding the thing and there are an additional 1d20 half demon warriors secreted among the population. Needless to say that this thing draws wizards and witches from abroad but an enchanter touching a special spot upon the book may draw down the attention of these alien gods but who knows what their wrath might be. 
  17. Rusted,broken, and wrecked an ancient war machine of the Ancients still contemplates its own existence and is actually a 10th level A.I. wizard in its own right. The thing wishes for another body but so far no one has been crazy enough to grant its wish. There are 1d8 valuable minor relics within it a tribe of humanoids and gold goblins worships the thing. Very few wizards or warlords of the wastelands will dally with it because of its frightening insanity. 
  18. A rusted ruin of a factory has appeared overnight on the landscape and its ruled by a deranged and seemingly 'benevolent' time and dimensional traveling wizard is testing the local population looking for a successor for his craft. The 'golden ticket' is valuable to other collectors of this wizard's wares. Worth a cool 20,000 gold pieces, this wizard is served by a seemingly endless supply of orange ugly goblin like mutant creatures with a wide variety of powers. Most of this wizard's powers are confectionery based. There are also several valuable vehicles that this wizard is in possession of. Worth several thousand gold pieces each, the party will have to bargain and play the esoteric games of this strange personality  
  19. An incredible sky chariot appears above the landscape, this craft from parts unknown sheds several valuable materials from inside of it before disappearing. There are 1d8 weird and valuable materials that have been shed. 1d10 local mutant monster tribes are searching  for the stuff. Each of these things is worth a cool 1d10 thousand gold pieces to the right wizard or alchemist. But a rival band of adventurers the same level or above the party is searching for the same stuff and will make life very difficult. 
  20. An ancient evil has arisen from the landscape and its power is incredible. The elder thing Yargo the Deathless has come from its ancient slumber driven by the wizard Dracus the Horrid (10th level wizard). His awakening has uncovered several valuable pre Apocalyptic pieces of hardware worth a small fortune each but  only one old man is aware of these thing's significance. The sage Vartop The Incredible(also known as the Incompetent) has divined their purpose and is on his way trying to hire adventurers unfortunately the forces of Dracus are after him. There will be 1d8 mutant warriors after the poor man. 

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