Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1d10 Random Weird Battlefield Vehicle Loot Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are some strange vechiles and odd wrecks that adventures come across in the wastelands, here is a random encounter table for those strange twisted hulks that lay abandoned on the side of the road. Twisted hulks of metal  in an urban or country landscape just waiting for adventurers to come across them. 
File:Tanks Art.IWMART3035.jpg
1d10 Random Weird Battlefield  Vehicle Loot Table

  1. 1d8 small mini tanks each with some undead horror within it.These things are not what they appear to be at all. These things are actually twisted assassin robots built to resemble undead. There are 1d6 small minor relics in the tanks as well for salvage. 
  2. A selection of strange jeep like vehicles part wreckage and part rotting organic something else. There are 1d6 goblin mutant things that will burst forth from sacks within these things. 1d8 minor super science relics are entwined in the pseudo organs of these things. 
  3. A futuristic troop transport houses 1d6 free willed intelligent juju zombies with ray guns and a bad attitude. There are several power cells for super science weapons scattered about. 
  4. A large twisted wreck of a hover car is waiting for tow truck that will never come. A zombie flays in the front seat and he has a watch, slug thrower, several freeze dried rations, and a Geiger counter. 
  5. Some strange wreck glows faintly with weird ration. Any approaching with forty feet must make a radiation check. There are jewels, and ancient cash stashed aboard. 
  6. A wrecked and twisted space craft waits for a crew who will never come. Several small swarms of mutant striges wait for anyone exploring this wreck.
  7. This small wrecked space coop holds the skeletons of a male and female humanoid along with a small monkey. Two invisibility belts are present with six charges each. The skeletons will animate and attack anyone disturbing them. 
  8. A medical hover craft has smashed itself into the Earth, there are trio of wights inside along with 1d4 super science medical devices and a 1d3 healing potions. 
  9. This is the shattered remains of a corvette class space craft that holds 1d8 ghouls and some minor relics and artifacts. This thing holds a valuable gold bar that happens to be radioactive. Any coming within 20 feet of this thing must make a radiation check. 
  10. This wrecked flying car holds four ancient undead horrors just waiting for someone to unleash them. They each have a ray gun and guard an ancient energy jewel that will burn any that touches it for 3d6 points of damage.
    File:Regeneration artwork.png

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