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1d10 Random Neo England Peddlers Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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    Peddler folk have been moving through Neo England as long as memory serves, there are those that believe that they are a race of dimensional travelers unto themselves. The slack jawed, droopy eyed creatures always seem to show up when needed in the least likely place and always give enigmatic answers about their travels as adventurers buy their wares. They have become a common sight on the roads and trails throughout the Neo England states. If attacked they instantly teleport away, not to be seen again. It is almost always seen as a taboo or rule to never to attack the Peddler folk. Bad luck seems to follow on the heels of such an attack. In fact in some isolated parts of what was Maine and the Neo England mountains Peddler folk are the only ones who supply such places with goods and wares. 
   They're movement's seem stiff and ungainly as if they are moving in a strong wind. The Peddler folk always seem to have just the right trinket or nicknack needed for a particular application or mission. They are there to help adventurers and make a quick gold piece. Yet there is something oddly sinister about these creatures, adventurers have reported finding them on the road seemingly following parties at a distance always at quiet walking pace. Their abilities are based on the weird dross of Neo England magickal energies and movements of dreams during the seasons.
Many speculate that the Peddler folk are of  tiefling  blood but of what patronage and demonic line is not known. Peddler folk often go by names such as Mr.Brown, or nick names such as Lean Joe. Or other colorful nick names or monickers.

1d10 Random Neo England Peddlers Encounter Table

  1. Mr. Jim a Peddler folk  with a number of trinkets, and steel tools to sell. He can magically sharpen any blade for 10 gold pieces and has a good steel blade with him. For 1000 gold pieces he can conjure up a +1 knife from the dreams of the customer. He smells vaguely of sweets and loss the scent clings to him as a second coat. 
  2. Mr. Sessions a peddler folk with greet blue cat's eyes and a quick smile, he sells bits and bobs of wood stoves but also a fair amount of poison for rats, mutant animals, and others. He can also for a gold piece and a song or two conjure rope of the finest hemp from within the folds of his coat. 
  3. Billy Babcock the glass boy, this peddler folk sells all kinds of bottles and their contents. He has formulas, potions, etc. as well that seemingly come from no where. For a 30 gold pieces he can pull a potion of temporary magical effects from within his cloak.  The stuff will mimic many of the common potions within the rule book of your choice but only last 1d6 hours. 
  4. Jason Wilmarth  this peddler folk is able to identify any technological relic or  magical item by taste of his long forked weird tongue. For 100 gold pieces he'll use his abilities to identify your treasure or relic. He also has a side business magically painting houses over night. He is a competent roofer as well.
  5. Steel Blue The Saw Man, this peddler folk is not a ghost story character but a peddler of all thing saw and blade related. He sells mystic saws of the +1 variety and for a haggling price can create any sized saw as needed. He loves to tell stories, collect gossip, and has been known to travel with adventurers to collect their stories. His eyes are the deepest blue ever seen and seem to go on forever. 
  6. Doctor Hillman The Healer - This peddler folk is a parody of a New England doctor and seems always in a hurry but for the price of 100 gold pieces he'll knit and heal your body back together with a wide variety of weird looking limbs that seem to unfold themselves from under his opera style cloak. He also sells reduced medical equipment that comes from within his accursed medical bag. Those who have tried to steal from him have been found as part of some of  the trees on Red Mountain. Still living but a part of the trees. 
  7. Mr. Mallone The Two Faced Dealer - This peddler folk is a master mechanic or at least one of his faces is, the other is a trader in all things relic and artifact related. He loves technology and the more alien the better he likes it. He will wheel and deal on any artifact vehicle or engine, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and ready to buy a piece. But the haggling is the art with this being and though he'll pay top dollar, he'll spend hours haggling on the price. He may curse some fool who doesn't engage in the art with him. He has the ability to get any piece of tech working for the price of a day's memory, the buyer chooses the memory but their lives are forever altered for it. 
  8. Dixon The Fiddle Maker - This peddler folk makes, repairs, and strings all kinds of musical instruments. His face resembles a musical note and has the weird characteristics of his kind. He collects gold and songs from his customers. He haggles, breathes, and trades music by the score. He can compose musical spells for folks but the price is very high indeed. His route takes him across Neo England where his services are in high demand.
  9. Billy Jack Mchord  The Mystic Man - This peddler folk is a seeming parody of a wizard, his features are almost cartoon like and his clothing fits like a bad set of laundry. But those who underestimate this figure do so at their peril. Billy Jack is a rare type of Peddler folk able to feel the pull of the dimensions, and draw on these energies. He can cast any white or grey magical spell up to the fifth level. And he is able commune with the spirits of a given area. Farmers, ordinary folk have him in high demand and he often repairs the local time and space continuum after events have blown through town. His pockets are lined with gold, favors, etc.  His bent is that he must hustle or con one person in a given village but many villages are aware of this and play along all the better to use the mystic man.
  10. Ted Gristle The Finder Of Lost Children - He is the friend of all children his long nose and clever eyes hide the keen intelligence that is buried under a mountain of trade goods he sells. Should someone ask him for a favor with a child, he is mystically bound to see through what has befallen a child. Ted can find any child alive or dead with fifty miles of his location psychically and will know the circumstances surrounding them. Payment comes in the form of the grief and sorrow of the parents for this being's deeds. But as a peddler he has very few equals, his wheeling & dealing are exacting and merciless.

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