Thursday, June 11, 2015

1d20 Random Pieces of Rusty Gold Salvage Table For Your Old School Campaigns

While there are odd vehicles and wrecks in the wastelands there are also weird treasures found right along side some of these. Things that can get adventurers into deep trouble here then is a quick table of weird and strange items that might be found near some wasteland piece of twisted metal. 

1d20 Random Pieces of Rusty Gold Salvage Tabl
  1. A golden picture frame gilded in interlocking demonic figures, each twisted and turned into the flesh of each other like melted wax. The thing is worth six hundred gold pieces, but there is a tribe of mutants who look upon the relic as a sort of holy item.
  2. A double sided porclien sign from the early days of the world, some kind of resturant signage.The thing is easily worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector but its the working ray gun that's been secreted under it wrapped in an oil cloth that's the real find. There a is also a cursed magic ring in the same bag. 
  3. A golden piece of laser reflective armor from a personal set of armor, the thing has a rough and ready look that can be mounted on a wall and reduces all laser weaponry damage by half. Worth a cool 1000 gold pieces. The thing is prized by a tribe of blood thirsty orcs who will show up in 1d6 rounds. 
  4. This strangely wrought statue of silver and gold is actually a holy relic of Saint Leibowitz and will be claimed by the cult who will send 1d6 3rd level fighters led by a paladin of 4th level. The thing has the ability once per day to heal light wounds. 
  5. This twisted piece of wood sits squat and dark against the tree under which it is found. This thing is actually a wood elemental and will animate every new moon to deliver a prophecy of good or dire intention. Worth 2000 gold pieces to the right cult of the wood god, this piece of wood has a rusted nail driven through the center of it. 
  6. There is a antique motorcycle from before the apocalypse, this relic is mostly in good working order. There's a reason for this, a half orc adventurer recently got the bike working but got in trouble. Its worth 3000 gold pieces and a rival adventurer 3rd level is out to take the thing but will try to murder anyone who claims it. 
  7. A series of oil can relics has rusted together, any collectors who see this piece will regard it as a great and serious piece of artwork. Worth about four thousand gold pieces, a clan of were rats has been saving it as a part of their personal stash and will try to kill anyone who claims it. 
  8.  A stash of plastic toys has been uncovered by some recent rains. A tribe of weird child like mutants is drawn to the scent of the plastic and wants them. They're worth 500 gold pieces each because of the rarity of them. Nearby a stop sign shield and and enchanted sword remains untouched and has a 20 % chance of being found. 
  9. The rusted remains of a small mech or personal armor has been uncovered by a recent battle. A werewolf has been killing anyone who finds the thing for some reason and seems drawn to it almost e. via a curse. Worth 600 gold pieces for salvage. 
  10.  Doubled backed gas sign is worshiped as a holy symbol by a local tribe of mutant religious fanatics and they will send assassins after anyone who finds it. Worth 800 gold pieces to the right collector. There is a minor curse on the thing as well. 
  11.  Chest of medical supplies has been uncovered from a nearby survival bunker, there are 1d4 zomibes of the ancients still within the structure which has a 30% chance of being found. The supplies are vacuum sealed against the elements and will add +4 to any medical skill rolls and worth a cool 4000 gold pieces to any local tribes. 
  12. A local god's symbol and sign has been uncovered by a recent fire. The thing adds luck to adventurers who find this rusted piece of ancient's history 500 gold pieces to the right collector but there are demonic forces that are attached to the piece. 
  13. A small ivory like piece of cut plastic in the form of a statue of a woman has dropped from some careless adventurer. She is worth 200 gold pieces and there is a hidden blade inside the statue. An assassin's tool. 
  14. A large robotic hand worth 300 gold pieces but a careful search turns up a working hidden laser inside the hand.. 
  15. A large rubber tire with some hidden gold inside this piece or collectible.10000 gold pieces worth of this stuff 
  16. A strange tool box that when handled will open a dimensional door. The thing will pull anyone who touches it into the future. 
  17. A small golden statue,houses the secret map to a lost temple but there are those assassins working for a local cult trying to claim it as their own. 
  18. A bracelet made of jade is actually a pass key, several groups are seeking this item as well.  They wish to strip down the adventurers and leave them to some  fate worse then that. Worth 390 
  19. This small rather innocent teddy is actually the housing for a major demonic spirit. 
  20. This multi coloured part from power armor is slightly radioactive and has a neat design to it. Worth 300 gold pieces for this part and worth 6oo gold pieces for this item


  1. "Emily had a gold tooth." Haven't read The Canticle for years, truly a unique work of post-apocalyptic fiction.

  2. The Canticle is an old favorite and a weird classic of science fiction. I read the Canticle back in high school and its stayed with me ever since.


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