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The Alternative Torrington Connecitcut An Underworld Megadungeon Adventure Location
After repeated alien invasions, micro nuclear wars, floods, and repeated attacks by nameless monsters the Neo England city of Torrington,Connecticut began the task of constructing an incredibly complex geo front engineering project. This  project began in the twenties and continued well into the next hundred years.
Despite several set backs, Geo New England corporation completed the job in the twenty fifth century for the over three million town residents. The giant air scrubber, wind turbines were put in place after the space had been blasted out with several clean nuclear war heads.

Following the plans of New York city, the smallest 'big town' in Neo England put its second city into full operation in the twenty sixth century. The micro nuclear cell plants powered the city, industries, and holographic projectors for the simulated night and everything was a go. But when dimensional barriers thinned and the things came through and the locks were sealed, agents had been in place and the doors did not open again. 
Torrington along with its empty streets, super science secrets, and ancient relics beckoned to the outside world but the city above was a ghost town. A haven for mutants and monsters alike and few adventurers dared to go there. The tunnels below were mostly forgotten they became a world unto themselves.

The city and its empty streets have become the stuff of legend and myth. The Eldorado of the North West corner of Connecticut and its legacy seems to grow as time goes on. Yet despite the turbines continuing to work and the occasional relic or artifact showing up. Torrington's other city is a mystery spoken of in hushed tones around the campfires of  the world of  2889. Who knows what evil might be brewing under the rocky ledge work of Torrinton.Waiting and brooding silently for some fool to stumble upon her secrets.

Location within Litchfield County, Connecticut
There are the usual rumors of slack jawed Morlocks, occasional talk of half Orcs, even rumors of Drow, but the biggest contenders as the new owners of the city and its underground maze of city streets are the Derro and their lords.

The mostly empty and silent city occasionally boasts a war party of outlaws, Orc warriors, and occasionally some damn fool adventurer or party that disappears within hours of exploring the town's streets. There are rumors of course but who knows if any of these are true.

Official seal of Torrington, Connecticut

1d1o Random Rumor Table For Torrington Ct 
  1.  There are hordes of mutants and scum under the city who eat any who venture into the streets of the city. They lay in wait for any fool to stumble into blind alleyways and lonely streets. 
  2. Something ancient and festering lays at the heart of the city. It bides its time and it is psionic and dangerous, the citizens of Torrington are merely the playthings of this ancient horror. 
  3. There are weird things that roam the night that drag anyone they meet into Hell itself. The city is a haven for depravity beyond imagining. 
  4. See those spinning turbines my grandfather told me of them finding corpses strapped to em. Just like the Dudley Town murders. 
  5. Those Orc warriors are trying to get at their ancestors who were locked in the lower city the bones call to em.  No good pig faces every stinking one of em.
  6. I'm telling you its something in the water and the inbreeding of the place. There's something there that draws mutants to it like lambs to the slaughter. 
  7. It was the super science of the corporations that did it, they trod in places no man should. And they paid for it. 
  8. The whole operation was shut down cus of the ground water was polluted right from the get go. 
  9. Its super science weapons, they got a ton of that stuff down below and it all got away from them and so they sealed it up. There is a fortune down there but no one can get to it. 
  10. I'm telling you it was that damn Starry Wisdom cult again that came down from Arkham Mass. Those bastard's sealed everything up until the stars are right. They're all dead down there and twitching up a storm every last one of em. 
There are rumors of a dungeon below the underground city and even more legendary treasures within it. Those rumors are deeply told by the renegade ghoul tribes of the North West Hills.
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This entry is obviously a parody of my old home town where I grew up. There's no malice or underground city under Torrington,Ct. despite wanting there to be one as a kid.

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