Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time and Dimensional Hacking For The Savant PC Class In The Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Rpg System

The savant in the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rpg system is the go to catch all mad scientist, super scientist and all around Mr.Fantastic style of character but time,space,and other planes of  existence represent adventure opportunities waiting to happen for a DM. So with recently with that in mind I began to to throw together some pulp science fiction and 80's film inspired rules for allowing the savant to open time and dimensional gates via their inventions or artifacts.  A skill check is need to determine if an invention or artifact is in fact a dimensional or time traveling gizmo or device. Once this is done then the savant may use any of the following abilities appropriate to their levels. 
  1. 1st level Using Gizmo To Detect  Near By Dimensional Anomalies - Using a device the savant is able to detect any nearby gateways to other dimensions or time warps that have opened within the last forty eight hours.  There is a 10% chance that the savant may open the dimensional gateway between worlds using his device. The gate way will remain open for 1d6 turns. 
  2. 2nd level Determine nature of world, plane, or dimension. The savant has a 20% chance of using his device to scry into the dimension or planar destination to determine local conditions including technological level, atmosphere, and adverse conditions,etc. The savant may open a small observation window into the dimension, alternative world etc. for 1d6 hours for observation but there is a 10% per hour that the window is open that some other dimensional life may take advantage of the situation. 
  3. 3rd level Open multiple paths along the dimensional axis, the savant can open multiple dimensional gateways and send through entire parties of visitors to other worlds. These temporary gateways will remain open for 1d10 turns. The savant can determine with a 40% accuracy if a time or space paradox will be created by his team mates visiting these other dimensional worlds. 
  4. 4th level   Some little thing the savant not only knows what changes have occurred to this world. The PC has a combination of guts, guile, and sheer determination so that changes will or have occurred to set this world on the edge of oblivion.  The savant has a 4o% chance of opening a space time warp. Those around him may age prematurely by 1d20 years but the mage can open this gate way to some random nearby dimensional location . 
  5. 5th level - The Secrets of time and space  at this level the savant is able to not only understand the true nature of the universe but can construct simple and inexpensive time space devices. These  devices will have charges that enable them to open save points into other worlds. There is a 10% chance of these devices ceasing function at critical  times.
  6. 6th level - All of time and space - The PC can construct a functioning map of the local space time continuum. But these maps change every day. The savant can now construct far more  sophisticated devices enabling to determine where these local gates are opening on which worlds and the savant can also close these gates at will. 
  7. 7th Machinery of time and space - The savant has a very complex understanding of the fabric of time and space enabling the savant to conquer death, and disease by creating devices powered by dimensional energies that can be used to heal 1d10 points of damage per level. The savant can also open doors and create devices that can allow one to jump 1d6 worlds. The device can only be used to open 1d6 dimensional or alternative world locations. 
  8. 8th level Repair tears in the fabric of time and space, the savant is able to with special devices to seal dimensional breaches and gateways with specially constructed devices. The very space rejects the inclusion of other dimensional energies enabling the savant to dismiss or create a dimensional artifact or horror away. 
  9. 9th level The savant can now construct truly sophisticated dimensional devices that can peek into other dimensions, grab 1d6 objects or victims, and open fully functional dimensional maps and gate ways. 
  10. 10th level See the Map Of The Gods - The savant has gained truly staggering super science insights into the nature of the universe and can map out small portions of the local time and space continuum. The savant can open and send through small 1d8 parties of adventurers to nearby worlds and planes.

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