Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Magic Item - The Screaming Skull Mask For Your Old School Campaigns

The screaming skull is one of those magic items and monsters all in one, the adds for these horrors appear in cheap and cheesy news paper style magazines that seem to spring up every year on super market tabloid new stands and in grocery stores. The screaming skull is only two dollars and will appear on the door step of any fool who orders one from its blind spot PO Box numbered address. Seemingly made by the blind necromancers of Sha. These undead horrors appear in the post in very nice wooden boxes packed with old fashioned packing material. They can be ordered through 'The James Smith Novelty' company quite easily. The screaming skull mask has many of the aspects of a cursed minor artifact. These horrific fun filled magic items have appeared among treasure and relic hordes, as part of wasteland item hauls, and even being found in alien warehouses far across the universe. 

Those wearing the screaming skull mask will feel a sense of incredible empowerment and well being. Reality  will seem sharper and the wearer will have a sense of purpose and raw power. The wearer will not want to take off the mask and will gain the ability of ultrvision after 1d6 months of owning and wearing the mask. The owners will grow surly and of an evil temperament if the mask is away from them for more then 1d8 hours. Those who try to tear the owner away from their new obsession may be in for a bout of violence and down right evil behavior from the mask's owner.
The mask will steal 1d10 years from the owner's life and however the owner will not notice this effect right away. The mask will feed the owner temporary 1d6 points Constitution through a spell like effect, the mask will cause the owner to want to commit heinous crimes and once per day the owner can cause serious wounds as per the reverse of the spell heal serious wounds.
There is a malevolent aspect to the mask and once per week the mask can allow its owner to level drain a victim. At this point the curse of the mask will begin to change the owner into  JuJu zombie like creature. The owner can utter a piercing horrid wailing that will cause anyone who hears it to be affected as per the power word fear! Once per day day the mask will allow the owner to enter a bizarre berserk state which will last 1d8 rounds. The owner gains +3 to all hand to hand or weapon attacks whist in this state.
The mask will eventually shift the owner over into the waiting cold and dark embrace of the negative plane and full undeath hood. The owner's face, semi decayed skin and part of the skull will become the new material for a new screaming skull mask only the unliving embrace of the mask will allow the hurting the hurting to stop. This will happen even as the decaying flesh finds its way into the roaring cold abyss of the necromancer's hands so that a new mask can find its way into the world to continue its evil reign of terror. 


  1. Cool magic item, hoss. If you've never seen The Mask (not the Jim Carrey film), do yourself a favor and watch it... put the mask on now!

  2. Wow that's a title that I haven't heard in a long time! Thanks for the reminder!
    The 1961 film;a blast from my video store filled past. For those of who don't know this film is scholockastic classic stuff.
    Here's the low down.

  3. Right on Dadd-o, dig that crazy horror stuff.
    Thanks David more coming up.


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