Monday, May 25, 2015

1d10 Random Weird Wasteland Vehicle Loot Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when a DM needs a quick random table because the PC's have decided to loot one of the abandon cars on the side of the road in an urban or country landscape. 
So here are quick selection of weird random finds for your old school post apocalyptic campaigns .

1d10 Random Weird Wasteland Vehicle Loot Table 

  1. Strange glowing and pulsing radioactive gold bar that each time you look at it and are exposed to it for more then 1d6 minutes. You have to make  a save vs death or make a mutation check. 
  2. A small juju zmobie locked in a case, the case contains several small treasure maps of the local area. 
  3. A small PKE containment trap which contains 1d6 random spirits, spooks, and ghosts in other words a pack of random ghosties. 
  4. An entire mummified family, with a car. They are reasonably well preserved and have several valuable minor relics with them. There is a 30% chance of these things animating and causing problems. 
  5. A brain in a jar, the thing has been fried in an electrical attack. The mechanisms of the jar are actually valuable and could fetch 300 gold pieces on the open market. 
  6. A box of screws that are actually magnetic in nature. They can be use on just about any applications for fixing materials. 
  7. A giant book of demonology with lots of notes in the margins, this book could be used as a major resource. 1d6 demons respond to the summons and they will attack the target of the book. 
  8. A giant brass ring with a series  of gold names written into the interior of the ring. This ring allows you by pass between nearby alternative realities. Worth 400 gold pieces.
  9. +2 sword called Night Minion, lost during the last incursion with very dark and dangerous forces. Gains an extra plus when going against demons and the like. 
  10. A brass bird that allows one to have 1d6 visions a week of possible futures. This item is actually a trap that will hold the minds of those who stare too long, after 1d4 hours the target must make a save vs death or be consumed in hell fire for 3d8 points of damage. 

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