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1d20 Random Strange Encounters In The Outer Darkness & Higher Dimensional Realms Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Between the Outer Darkness and higher dimensional realms, adventurers often encounter weird and terrifying beings, monsters, and horrors that dwell between worlds. Some of these are are once living god monsters, others are imprisoned demons, still others are simply the nameless remains of once living nightmares. Here is a quick encounter chart of these strange and very dangerous travelers in these realms.

Out of the South it was that the White Ship used to come when the moon was full and high in the heavens. Out of the South it would glide very smoothly and silently over the sea. And whether the sea was rough or calm, and whether the wind was friendly or adverse, it would always glide smoothly and silently, its sails distant and its long strange tiers of oars moving rhythmically.
The White Ship by H.P. Lovecraft
1d20 Random Strange Encounters In The Outer Darkness & Higher Dimensional Realms  Table 

  1. 1d6 ghosts, the remains of lost dreamers who died locked out of their minds and souls in the waking world. They howl and gibber whispering the secrets they have learned between the planes.  They wish to share their misery and pain with any who will spare them time. They will attack anyone who gets within arms reach. 
  2. 1d8 lost gods traveling from one dream heaven to another, sporting weapons, equipment other implements of war to do battle with the nightmare demons of mankind. 20% chance they may be recruiting heroes and other hirelings for battle. 
  3. 1d4 Sandmen looking to collect the spun dross of lost dreams and willing to trade sleep sand for stories and legends to spin into the stuff of dreams. 
  4. 1d8 flash frozen demons locked in mortal combat with one another. These Lovecraftian horrors may 20% chance have an enchanted demonic weapon within reach. Use the common demon types from the 1st edition Monster Manual for stats. 
  5. 1d6 Dream selves of heroes of Legend on their way back from some epic dream battle. They are looking for some minor provisions and may trade some minor trinket for food and water. 
  6. 1d8 Nightmare necromancers looking for nightmares of death and dying to harvest for trade with night hags and other unsavory types of horrid demon witches. 6th level or better black wizards of the aspects of death. 40% chance of some magic item of necromancy and death. 
  7. 1d8 ghoul raiders on the backs of weird Lovecraftian mutated ray monsters, armed with short bows, arrows, and a shaman of 4th level. Looking for fresh meat and treasure. 
  8. 1d6 minor Lovecraftian demons of lustful and dangerous aspect.  Very hungry and nasty. 
  9. Deep dream trade ship crewed by nightmares of dead souls and pirates of horrid aspect. These things are looking to trade innocence and stories of the waking world for 1d6 minor relics or magic items. There is a 30% that these beings may attack those they trade with. 
  10. A lost god from some ancient and forgotten pantheon whose mouth has been sewn shut so he will not reveal his pantheon's fate. He has thirteen gold coins but these are cursed and he is actually a damned god. 
  11. Other dimensional crew of dream harvesters looking for dreams of purity and charity to harvest for the dream merchants of Ko. The harvesters are insect creatures and are willing to trade gold and gems for ancient and forgotten legends. 
  12. A flock of 1d6  Night Guants looking to tear apart anything that they come across. Very dangerous and slightly deranged. 
  13. A lost Great Race of Yith time castle ruin spinning in infinity. This four floor dungeon ruin spins its lonely existence and is inhabited by minor demons who will summon weird aspects of the lords of order. 
  14. An ancient giant head spins through the void and only the men & women of a well known unit of soldiers knows the dark & forbidden secrets of this horror spinning in the darkness. 
  15. A gigantic alien space craft moves across the face of dreams and nightmare. Who or what drives this monster is unknown but the crew seems very eagar to trade with the right folks. 
  16. A giant emerald of dream spins in the darkness and the thing is covered with a swarm of 1d10 Mi Go who are harvesting the vast mineral brain of the thing. 
  17. The remains of an ancient Roman village sit on a rock, the place seems deserted but there are 1d8 zombies abound ready to tear anyone apart. 
  18. A dangerous storm follows in the wake of this ancient and black guardian who harbors a dark secret of betrayal at the hands of the Outer Gods. 
  19. An ancient Star Spawn of Cthulhu is locked as still as a statue. Across the thing's body giant demons feed on the souls of anyone they can. 
  20. A giant 1d10 Lovecraftian monsters are consumed with creating & gathering some ancient dreams that can be sold on the black market to high priced buyers of such commodities.  

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