Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Free OSR Adventure Resource - Tales from the Laughing Dragon: A Dragonclaw Adventure As Adventure Fodder For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaign

So with OD&D being the basis for several games out there surely there isn't a free low level adventure that could be used introduce your old school space scum to some back water planet?  Well there actually is a very well done one for the Basic Fantasy Rpg and its free.

   A desperate bit to save a kingdom upon a remote colony world in a backwater providence as the forces of evil threaten the planet. Only a brand of brave outer world adventurers can save us all. Are you those brave souls? Sound like the latest in the Star Wars saga or Battle Star Galactica? Or perhaps an old pulp sci fi novel? Nope. Instead its simply an old twist and trick that any DM has done in the past. Take an existing fantasy adventure and add in your favorite science fantasy crew. In this case the easily ported, DC1 Tales From The Laughing Dragon. There are several reasons why this works, one this is a low level series of adventures and have the same feel as a space opera, the events place the PC's into the deep end of Dragon Claw system errm barony. And their  presented as three sequential adventures set in the back end of the campaign enabling the DM to fill in the science fantasy issues as needed. 

Grab It For Free Right Over 

The humanoid races become alien races, there are number of giant monsters that don't need to be explained this after all an alien planet. Add in a star port near the town of Dale minimal facilities and well your pretty much ready to go.  The ruins stay as is and simply need to be fleshed out with a few more exotic failed colony bits and your pretty much ready to go.

The goblins and orc forces are a very easy fit for this adventure and can easily be ported over with little to no problems. Everything in the adventure can easily be ported over to a slightly better then average primitive backwater planet. All three of these adventures start in a cantina ermm bar. Yet these are not hack & slash adventures some thinking is required on the part of the adventurers. Hence why your psychic warriors and space knight types might be required. Sure there's plenty of action but some serious thought is going to have to be put in.

Add in some space teddy bear rangers, and your ready to go! But don't forget the giant spiders as well.

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  1. Great idea! With a bit of work one could convert just about any D&D module to a science-fantasy adventure.


  2. Ed , this is one of the fundatmental things that so many folks seem to miss. I'm not directing any sarcasm your way but.Umm yeah, we did this all of the time to pad out Traveler adventures to make sure that we kept things moving during campaign. Using the tools that you already have is just as much a part of the game as collecting the books. This isn't rocket science but it always seems to be that you need the latest and greatest rpg titles. Thanks for the comments Ed. More coming up pal.

  3. A lot of the fun of DMing for me is to do just this. I love filching and filing material to fit into other genres. Excellent point on not neeing for the latest and greatest to have fun.

  4. The point here is that the DM can turn a good solid adventure into what they need and want, which is as much a part of the hobby as spending the latest dollar amount on Kickstarter or Drivethru. Having fun is the point of the hobby.


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