Saturday, May 2, 2015

Low Level Urban Lovecraftian Monster Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when the city streets seem alien and the dimension veils thin and contract allowing the powers of  The Beyond to hold sway over the world of the living. Adventurers may encounter all kinds of horrid and strange monsters of minor but still dangerous aspect. Here's a table of random and riotously dangerous aspect for your old school campaigns.

In saying that West’s fear of his specimens was nebulous, I have in mind particularly its complex nature. Part of it came merely from knowing of the existence of such nameless monsters, while another part arose from apprehension of the bodily harm they might under certain circumstances do him. 
Herbert West Re animator By H.P. Lovecraft  

Low Level Urban Lovecraftian Monster Encounter Table
  1. 1d6 free willed undead zombie horrors who have crossed over into the lands of the near dead, they have come to claim a soul or two to take with them as a sacrifice to a minor demon lord for certain 'favors'.
  2. A pair of Mi Go warriors combing the city for certain biological types for vivisection and brain implantation experiments. There are 1d4 inhuman cultists near by to help should they need them. 
  3. A gang of Starry Wisdom missionaries armed with dart pistols and nets to gather 'converts' for a special temple meeting. They have a few heavy stunners with them as well. 2nd level fighters at best. 
  4. A giant lizard that has escaped from his super science master and brought over from a nearby time line. Very vicious and dangerous as well as hungry. Two slimy tendrils on its back to catch prey with. 
  5. A group of 1d10  half ghouls collecting bodies and selling grave wares. There are also two assassins with them with an eye out for fresh me. They drag along a cart big enough for ten bodies with them. 
  6. A swarm of ancient ghosts sputters along behind a strange black suited and stark white skinned man who mutters to himself. 
  7. An ancient looking man hits the pavement with a crash as the sky cracks with thunder, lightning, and a giant figure on a chariot speeds into the night drawn by decayed unicorns,giant sea horses, and other fantastic beasts. The man is a 4th level wizard from a different timeline and he has no idea what city his is in or the year. 
  8. 1d8 shambling naked and dangerous undead animated zombie body parts fused together. They are on a mission to located some specific prey. 
  9. A dark costume clad figure stalks out of the shadows. He seems unearthly and then from under his cloak tendrils adjust the brim of his hat. He seems to want to speak but no sound comes out only  thin slime covered tendrils wheel their way out of his throat. 
  10. Overhead a strange misshaped shadow blots out the sun and then there is a rain of weird half alive slime covered slightly acidic fetus like creatures. They do 2d6 points of damage to anyone or anything caught in their wake. There are also 3d4 pieces of strange and broken gold like substance in their wake. 

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