Friday, May 22, 2015

Assault On The Ruins Of Waterbury -Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Actual Play Event

  So this morning I'm working on the next set of fools errm adventurers to venture into the ruins of Waterbury tonight and turn to the advice of Venger Satanis's 'How To Gamemaster Like A F#$@ing Boss' . The ideas here are to clear the board a bit and get in some fresh ideas. Several of the ideas that I've had have been to move the game into the interior Earth setting that I've worked into the background of the Warlords of the Outer Worlds campaign.

So pulling upon some of the techiques in the book, I've got the other players in tonight's game encountering 'Gatherers', giant bio etheric ufo like mechanisms that will be taking the atomic rocket and contents as well as the party into the interior of the hollow Earth. Unless of course they can defeat these flying clouds of death,destruction, and horror.

Living Bastions of Etheric Energy and Horror 

Frequency : Rare 
Number Appearing: 1d6 
Armor Class:7 
Move: 15"/30" 
Hit Dice : 6+3 
% In Lair: 10% 
Treasure type : R 
Number of Attacks: 2-16 
Special Attacks: See below 
Special Defenses: See below 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Average 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Gatherers are alien like sub etheric fungal race of energy based beings who work for a variety of Hollow Earth wizards, warlords, and alien powers as mercenaries and henchmen. These beings are often mistaken for flying saucers and other alien space craft. Gatherers have a flight class of 'C' and often drift in on their own intern sub etheric fusion cushions. They feed on cattle, men, mutants, and anything that they can get a hold of.
Gatherers attack with seven or eight tendrils that can shoot out ten to twenty feet from their undersides. These ropy tendrils cause weakness (50% from strength in 1-3 melee rounds), the prey is then drawn into a special storage sac and is put into suspended animation   or suffers 3d6 +2 damage as their broken down by the monster's energy field.
The gatherers may also attack with a shocking grasp as per the spell up to five times per day. This attack can also be made to electrical equipment and relics which must make their save or take appropriate damage.   Gatherers must feed upon or teleport into the ionosphere of the upper atmosphere to feed upon radiation and electricity once every six months or begin to lose substance.
Gatherers are also masters of delusional magick and can use any first or second level Delusional magic list from the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rule book. The monsters can also use the dancing lights magic spell three times per day.
The monsters can also teleport without error back to their master's abode in the hollow Earth or take their time gathering energies from the upper ionosphere of earth as they glide along to the inner Earth 
entrances at each of the planet's poles.
Artwork from 'How to Game Like A F$%#ing Boss' used without permission under the terms of fair use for this blog entry. Thank you. Gatherers are my own warped creation.


  1. Great critters--also nice to see that cover from UFO: flying Saucers again after all these years. I used to read those comics back in the dark ages...

  2. I had a complete collection of these back in the 70's until an apartment fire back in the 90's. I remember quite a bit of these stories from then. I wanted to re use some of these great covers again.

  3. Thanks Venger, not a bad piece of dove tailing with your stuff. The random tables in the back of 'How to GM like a #$@#ing Boss' also came in very handy as well.


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