Monday, May 11, 2015

1d10 Random Super Science Relic Finds From The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are items out in the wastelands that can cause all kinds of issues or problems for your adventurers and some of these items have the potential to change or alter your party's destinies. These items can be very dangerous and extreme caution is advised with some of them. 

1d10 Random Super Science Relic
 Finds From The Wastelands Table 
  1. Electronic chest containing the essence of 1d30 time haunted souls stored in a matter containment unit. There is a 30% chance that the device will try to soul jar anyone who finds the thing. And a soul contained within will try to take over the still living body. 
  2. Still operating sleep pod that contains a strange monstrous mutated  creature that is actually the leader of a faction of alien mercenaries left behind after the guerrilla war on Earth ended. This being is both Lawful and far too valuable to destroy. 
  3. Partially buried mini flying saucer that is actually the resting place for a destructive A.I. soul. The bio brain system of the saucer can telepathically possess those who find it and turn them into it's slaves. The device is the resting place for a minor demon lord. 
  4. A small ring is actually the storage device for an entire ancient damned city's population. The ring allows its owner to access the knowledge and skills of its population, there is 20% chance of the ring having the proper skill a PC needs during an adventure. 
  5. The hand of an ancient android, the device is actually a memory device that contains the lost magic of a cult of the damned. There will be 1d30 spells stored within the fingers of the device. 
  6. An ancient game board that allows the owner to control those around it with strange phantasmal force constructs and illusions. This device will have 1d10 charges and function as per the spell but the device will leave a strange taint upon the soul of the owner. 
  7. A metal collar that allows the owner the gifts of telepathy and weird telekinetic gifts but there is a 20 % chance of mind wiping both the target and the owner. Functions as a line of sight radius. 
  8. A cybernetic finger that contains the soul of a wizard who will try to possess the owner and follow through with an ancient mission. The wizard has the ability of a 8th level wizard who has access to the lawful list. 
  9. Giant ring of ancient super science metal golden in color, this device can open doors to alternative universes and other dimensions. This device allows one to close or open other dimensional vortexes. There is a 40% chance of a random demon or other dimensional menaces. 
  10. A golden wand that allows one to view the circumstances of the death of anyone killed within the last forty eight hours. The owners  will be able to trade 1d20 years of their  own lives to heal and have 20% chance to return the target to life. But the action will attract a minor angel of death who will be very annoyed that the target has returned to life. 

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