Thursday, May 14, 2015

White Star Rpg Campaign Idea - Rebellion Without A Clue- An Old School Campaign Idea

  Imagine that a rebellion akin to the Star Wars Rebel Alliance is utterly, utterly, wrong and midway through a campaign that your PC heroes must make the ultimate choice. Ally with the Interstellar empire or face extinction from a deadly external threat in your space opera setting.  Nothing I'm about to talk about is original and this idea came up in my news feed this morning from Epic Stream. You can read about it right over HERE . Everything in this blog post is a 'what if situation' for your White Star rpg campaign. This is in no way original but its a fun thought exercise none the less.

Grab It Right

  I've been meaning to revisit the White Star Game System which actually changed it's OGL license stance.And is now allowing third party publishers to get in on the White Star Rpg action with a license. Contact Barrel Rider Games if interested right over HERE  or the games wonderful author HERE .
Now that I've got that out of the way, what if the Star Wars movie Rebellion was an utter farce. The following idea could be applied to your old school  space opera and at a mid point the PC rebels have a choice. A very hard and dangerous choice to make because if their forces are successful they're actually serving the 'darkness' by letting crippling the 'empire''s super death weapons. These were never meant for the various PC's and allied forces but to be used against the monstrous and utterly dangerous invaders from outside. There are more then a few alien forces and races with both White Star & Swords & Wizardry that can fit the bill nicely. If you happen to follow the Star Wars Expanded universe formula then it might actually be the PC's forces that are going to help fill out and hold the 'empire''s war machine against those invaders. Perhaps its actually the fact that the rebel's weapons are more quick, agile, and better designed for the type of guerrilla warfare that is needed against the rampaging hordes of alien invaders. There are always interesting and varied examples of this sort of a campaign from real world history. With a bit of thought and some foresight this campaign could go on for months and years when the 'Big Reveal' is made. Throwing all of the forces to the wind and the 'big choice' has to be  made. Further with an Eighties vibe in play the DM could do an almost A team style game with the rebels suddenly needing the veteran forces and expertise of the PC's. 

  Perhaps all of that dungeon crawling, space salvage, moments of space opera high adventure actually foreshadows the coming of the 'big bad's forces. Ruins, bases, dungeons in space, and more could signal the coming of these weird forces from outside enabling the PC's to have vital information and with some luck the DM can plant clues to the 'empire''s  actual intentions. Sure their putting down that pesky rebellion but are their greater forces at work from both within and without. History is rife with just this sort of back stabbing, double dealing, and more. In fact real world mythology contains hundreds of examples of just this sort of thing. Keeping in mind that the pulpy free wheeling adventure vibe has to be in play in order to make things far more light and not as dark as it might seem. There's lots of potential here to continue the series by introducing new elements as the campaign series continues such as alien fleets fleeing the coming of the invaders, scouts and spies ( doppelgangers from D&D make excellent alien spies btw). And much more to fill in the ranks as needed by the DM. So there's plenty of mileage on the tires of this one folks as it goes. As with all things this was an idea that has been brewing in the back of my fore brain for the past month or so. But as with all things this one has to find its own way into the background of your DM's and player's wants and needs. Your mileage may vary as with all things. 

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