Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1d10 Random Star Wars Salvage Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always bits and pieces blown from the depths of  the Star Wars expanded universe, here's a  random encounter table of some of the possible salvage that might blow in through a hyperspace shut or other dimensional anomaly into your old school campaign. 

1d10 Random Star Wars Salvage Encounters Table
  1. Hyperdrive off of a blown to hell A wing fighter, bits and pieces of the cock pit window glass are still embedded in the unit. Worth about 40000 gold pieces/1300 credits  to the right collector.
  2. Red R2 Unit Astro navigator droid with a nasty attitude and a very large memory gap otherwise mostly intact. Worth 4000 credits or 20,000 gold pieces 
  3. Flash frozen corpses of storm troopers, the thing is actually a 1d30 mess of zombies. The thing will thaw and the zombies will animate to feast on the living. 
  4. Assassin droid disguised as a harmless droid. Worth 40000 gold pieces or 30000 credits if you can capture it without becoming a carbon laced smear. 
  5. One Imperial commander's corpse with his larynx snapped in half. The corpse is flash frozen, the brain is intact enabling certain advanced alien technologies to scan the mind for information. Worth 300 gold pieces or 5000 credits to the right collectors. 
  6. The remains of a bounty hunter's ship, a very unusual configuration to the space wreck. The thing is infested with 1d30 Mynocks. Worth 3000 credits or 4000 gold pieces but there is still a few active sonic torpedoes aboard capable of doing 4d6 points of damage. 
  7. Imperial Star Destroyer Engine piece, this massive piece of space hardware is incredibly dangerous with radiation still sizzling across the metal skin. Anyone going near this piece of junk must make a radiation check and a mutation check within 1d6 rounds of exposure. 
  8. The front part of an X wing fighter with 1d6 space slug teeth embedded on in the hull of the space wreck the thing is worth 3000 credits and the laser cannons have 10% chance of being salvaged. 50000 gold pieces to the right collector 
  9. The solar panel from a tie fighter that might be salvaged for 6000 credits for a solar array generator unit or 10000 gold pieces for the same style of solar unit.
  10. The massive remains of a rebel transport ship, this space wreck is a dungeon adventure in space waiting to happen. There are 1d20 X10 space orcs using this wreck as a minature star base. There is a 30% chance that their fighter ships are on board. 

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