Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mopping Up The Planar Battle For Tau Seti IV - Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Actual Play Event

So last night was the final wrap up  and mop up of the planar battle of Tau Ceti IV and the mop up of the remaining forces of Chaos and Abyss by The Void Ship Vengeance. So it was a desparate hunt through the Outer Darkness to track down the last of the hordling minions and minor demon crews that were tracking the beast in last week's game right over HERE. Sometimes I like going with some of the classics and for the various demon crews of the Void ships I used the Hordlings from the Monster Manual II 

The Vengence chased down every last ship and fired torpedoes and missiles on them, after watching the whole sale destruction from afar the PC's climbed aboard the smoking remains and engaged the half demon warriors ship board. It was bloody,vicious, and really nasty.
But one ship has escaped the destruction which links up with the game a few weeks ago with my other crew of players. When the crew of the USS Wendra runs across the smoking remains of an alien ship and picks up a very valuable cargo. Details of the fall out from that event are right over HERE
More as it happens in tonight game of Fantastic Heroes and Witchery. To be continued!

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