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1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Legendary Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

   There are items of power that come with their own prices and relics that can damn their owners to living Hells of  reality undreamed of by mankind. These are subtle treasures with benefits and curses of unique aspect. 

 Subtle treasures that can cause merry havoc with adventuring parties, items of weirdness and of mysterious  aspect at are just waiting to cause all kinds of strangeness to your player's PC's. Here's a quick selection of some of these items waiting to bedevil your party of fools errm brave souls. 

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Legendary Finds Table

  1. A selection of rings and golden coins that glow when elves or Fey are nearby for these rings bare in high Elven seven words of power and can act as symbols of fear and power which will take effect immediately after the command words are said. The effect will last for 1d6 rounds, these relics are left over from the ancient Chaos Wars. 
  2. The bones of an ancient pit fiend that glow with the inner Hell fire of the Abyss. These bones will form in a special set of keys that will open doors to the Outer Darkness and gateways between the stars. The bones will also act as protection from creatures of both the Abyss and the Outer Darkness. 
  3. The Sword of Silent Horror this sword has been forged from the energies of dead stars, bound in the flesh and form of blade, and made to cleave patterns of Chaos and Law by the forces of Order. The Sword is a +3 against creatures of Law and Chaos but the wielder takes 2d6 points of damage per round using it in combat. The sword is also cursed. 
  4. A bowl made from the sliced skull of a god of Order, this bowl when blood is poured into it can heal the damned and defiled. The bowl also contains a map to the hidden locations and hide outs of some of the relics of Order. The bowl will grow very hot doing 2d6 points of damage to someone if they are holding it when the command word is said. 
  5. A hand of a hero has been fashioned into a thieve's tool and it allows one to by pass the gates of creation. The owner of this item can jump 1d20 light years once per day and the hand will protect the owner and 1d6 people from the effects of space and their new destination by changing their bodies and physiology.
  6. A staff made from the collected consciousness of alien wizards, the staff is made of what passes for their bones and it allows the owner access to 3d6 spells per week but the owner must also deal with the weird and strange thoughts that echo through the thing. There are forbidden secrets that this thing whispers to itself causing bouts of rage that last 1d4 days. The is the key to several temples on raging worlds of raging storms and gas giants. The staff protects against the forces of gravity in these places. 
  7. A sword forged of meteorite iron that allows on to kill the Fey of space and between the black stars allowing the owner to cripple and wound the spirits of men of power and magick with a curse as black as the stars. The sword is +2 against all creatures, the thing is so old that it's name has been forgotten by the stars. 
  8. This is a single black key that allows the owner to unlock the secrets of the souls of man and to allow him to divide the secrets of the planes from within the soul. In other words this black damnable key is a back door into some of the least known and dangerous planes of existence. The item is cursed with crushing feelings of apathy and doom. A demonlord hunts for this key and the existence of the soul of his true love. 
  9. This black box contains the heart of a lord of order, the still beating thing will grant its owner immortality by exchanging their heart for the new one but this is an illusion of power. For the original owner of this black and foul thing continues real life while the new owner is consigned to a half life of undeath and given power over a kingdom of shades upon a damned world never to effect the living. 
  10. A simple knife made from the bones of an angel that allows one to cut across the surface of reality allowing the demonic hordes waiting on the other side access. Simply a knife that cuts space and time, another magic item is needed to heal the damage. 

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