Saturday, May 2, 2015

X - 33 Demonic Cybernetic Units For Your Old School Campaigns

The X -33 is a powerful robotic and cybernetic unit that is quite common on the battle fields of the Lost World's Earth. This unit is a combination of advanced demonic super sorcery and science. An experienced warrior or soldier is grafted with  magicktech cybernetic systems leaving little of the original's body and organs. Only part of the skeleton, spine, some systems, and the brain remains. A special advanced super science  corpse becomes the housing for the fool. A ruby spiritual hosting unit is fitted into place and a  demon warrior is summoned from the blasting and howling wastes of the Abyss. The horrid demonic essence gives life to the resulting terror. The X -33 unit passes itself off as a human while wearing combat armor and iconic metal face mask.  It possesses the super strength and invulnerability of its demonic engine while maintaining the semi physical invulnerability to resist small arms fire and most conventional bullets. That being said the X- 33 is vulnerable to water and moisture shorting out when its neck mechanisms and housings are wet.After 1d6 rounds of exposure to water there is a 60% chance of the X-33 units shorting out and exploding for 4d6 points of damage as the monster's body explodes in a shower of shrapnel in a 30 foot radius. The demon warrior's essence is shunted back to its plane of origin immediately frustrating the hellish demon back to its prison of damnation. Anyone fighting these terrors will smell the combination of dried blood, burnt human flesh, and the sulfurous by product  of the demonic soul within its metal confines of super science. When the unit is at rest the thing smells faintly of lavender and cloves with a cloying smell under that not easily identified.

Frequency: Uncommon 
Number Encountered: 1d6 
Size : L 8 ft tall 
Move: 90 ft 
Armor Class: 4 
Hit Dice : 4+1 
Attacks: 2 
Damage: 2d4 per claw slash or By Weapon 
Taz: 16 
Special Attacks: None 
Special Defenses: None 
Magic Resistance: None ( the rite which summons the demonic essence into this world makes them vulnerable to magick) 
Lair Probability: 10% 
Intelligence: Low to Average 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Treasure: A few coins, some relics, some gems, a finger bone or two, perhaps a skull or more personal items 
Level: 3/4 
XP : 75+4/hp 

The X- 33 units attack with a deadly combination of punches or metal claw slashes. The magick of summoning demon essence into this world renders the demon bound into the metal body of the X-33 binds the demon to it. The thing is gravely evil and when engaging violence with these horrors there is a 60% chance that it will become fascinated with the victim and may begin to stalk the victim.  Should the victim be killed the X -33 unit may add it's victim's possessions to it's cache of past victim's trophies. There is a 10% chance of the victim developing a rather creepy telepathic link with the X-33 units. 
 The X-33 unit also fights relentlessly and rather cagey as well. It being a mix of man, machine, and demon are capable of using most conventional and some unconventional weapons quite easily. The X -33 units also have retractable claws capable of adding just that more of an edge to their attacks.
The X-33 units are often sent in to deal with a wide variety of pacification and violence problems with Earth's population who resent the dimensional conquerors and their demonic robotic warrior minions. The X -33 units are often created by the ancient Cybernetic Gods of the Lost World of Earth as extra muscle and can be found in a wide variety of theaters and places of action where their presence is needed. 

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