Monday, May 25, 2015

1d10 Random Wasteland Wandering Monsters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those monsters that slip between worlds, after loosening the bonds of reality and slipping from the bonds & reigns of  reality that holds most of use mere mortals in place. Often this allows true horrors to slip the noose and plague the life of the wasteland wanderer and family man alike. Here then is a random wasteland wandering monster table to cause your adventurers trauma and strangeness amid this unnerving post apocalyptic wasteland. 

1d10 Random Wasteland Wandering Monsters Table 

  1. A displaced vampire lord who moves across the world as a disembodied horror made from the weird mist of the undead. He has jewels that he is willing to trade for blood or he may feast on a PC or two. 
  2. A minor demon thing who is lurking here for a party of other demonic adventurers, this world looks tasty and they have come to feed and sample some of its populations. 
  3. A scorpion man wandering horror that seeks his sister who was captured by a local cult for sacrifice to a local Lovecraftian god thing. 
  4. A wandering pack of 1d6 mutant horrors that are seeking a way to return to their god who is actually a smooth talking trader who passes himself off as a divine 
  5. A pack of flying zombie birds lead by a giant decaying Eagle riding  necromancer who is sixth level and capable of breaking an eight foot tall criminal's spine. 
  6. A giant praying mantis bounty hunter  that is seeking some very dangerous criminal scum among your world's adventurers. 
  7. A strange wraith over lord is seeking slaves to sell into death & depravity ; anyone whom this monster runs across will be scanned. The monster uses his powers to cripple and meme anyone it chooses for its insidious purposes.  
  8. A minor demon seeks a cure for the red death disease that lurks on the outer edges of reality. This demon lord seeks to un lock the psionic potential of certain individuals  
  9. This giant fungus from the depths of the Earth, seeks to devour the minds of locals in an effort to better serve his lord by establish a cult at the grass roots levels. 
  10. A seventh level serpent man wizard has shape changed int a lovely young woman. This individual is seeking a sacred magic item and is willing to pay adventurers to help recover it or to murder them in the process.  

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