Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swords, Sorcery, And OSR Fan Based Stars Wars - Your Way Part II With These Free Downloads For Your Old School Campaign

Everything I'm about to talk about is available right over HERE over on the right hand side under downloads. 

There a number of free OSR Swords and Wizardry science fantasy downloads that help to fill in the gaps of the White Star rpg system. Because the Sword +1 blog has been around for quite awhile and the author has dipped his toe into the stream with Ruins and Ronin, he's created any number of fantastic free downloads that can help round out the White Star rpg system especially if your looking to do some of the expanded universe Stars Wars fan based campaigns. Boarding Action #1 contains a ton of additional equipment that can round out any White Star ship's inventory quite easily. For alien races there are two fully developed ones right in the downloads section Boarding Action: Fomorians (Aliens) and Boarding Action: Lemurians (Aliens). These make fine additions to any game campaign as well. For a completely different take on a Jedi knight style PC class there's the HSE Psymurai ClassOD&D Space Fantasy hits all of the highlights of the science fantasy genre and adds in a number of nice twists that can easily be added to any OD&D style campaign. There are number of Ruin and Ronin style PC classes that can help round out your roster of space heroes as well especially the Head hunter, Kensi, and Ninja which can add in a bit more PC flare as supporting characters to a party of desperate space adventurers. 

 For a Cyberpunk style campaign set of post modern options down load every single thing in the Resistance line of free products. This is some very well developed material and will fit right in with your one cybernetically  gifted warriors and space wizards. Good stuff which can also be used with any number of old school science fiction retroclone systems that use OD&D or Swords and Wizardry as their base. Especially those that are trying to emulate a time in a system far, far, away in another galaxy. 

This is some very well done material that can help to round out your White Star Campaigns and is easily adapted across the board into any number of old school science fantasy or science fiction rpg campaigns.
This is blog post is not meant as a trade mark or copyright violation or challenge to either Star Wars or its franchises or the White Star Rpg system. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. The +1 sword blog has been one of my go to sources for science fantasy and fiction goodness for many years. 

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