Friday, May 29, 2015

Feathered Laser Raptor For Your Old School Campaigns

 Nasty and dangerous the feathered laser raptor is a freakish hold over from several alternative worlds that existed in the so called Viking Age. These mutated and cunning fiends haunt wastelands in the never ending search for prey. They attack with laser like optic blasts that do 3d6 points of damage per blast up too 200 ft ten times per day. These deadly hunters are both omnivorous and superior hunters, able to take down prey many times their size.  The Feathered laser raptor attacks with its optic blasts followed by its two sickle like claws and a devastating bite. The monster feeds on the well cooked meat and ash of its prey.  During the Viking era flocks of laser raptors roamed through the wastelands making life very hazardous and dangerous for local tribesmen. 

Frequency: Uncommon 
Number appearing : 1d8 
Hit Dice:7
% in lair: nil
No Attacks: 4(optic blast, claw,claw,bite)
Damage: 3d6/1-4/1-4/6-24
Special Attacks: optic laser blast 3d6, 200 foot range
Special defenses: nil
Magic resistance: nil 
Intelligence:Semi (clever girl) 
Alignment: Neutral (chaotic tendencies)
Size: M (6 foot tall) 
Psionic ability: non 
Attack and defense mode: nil
Morale: 8 
Experience: 1400

 These fiends are also cannibals and will feed on their own kind if prey animals or hominids are in short supply. Because packs of laser raptors are common in some areas of the wastelands of Norway during the Viking era, many tribes of warriors have imported fire arms from across time & space  to help them cope with the problem of these mutated horrors.
The feathered laser raptors mate in the spring time and typically have clutches of four to six hatchlings. At four days old the baby laser raptor is capable of producing a blast with a range of eight feet that does 1-4 points of damage. They begin hunting among the flock at eleven weeks until then the mother watches over her brood. Laser raptors are far too dangerous to make companions or animal familiars. They will attack and kill anyone attempting to charm them or use magic spells to try and domesticate these horrors. There is speculation that they were bred bio weapons of terror. The laser raptor family of creatures has been found throughout the multiverse and on other planes of existence.

Note that this is no way an attempt to violate the copyright or trade mark of the makers of the awesome Kung Fury.  This is just my homage for the awesomeness that is this film for use in your old school campaigns.  Partially inspired by the Wisdom From The Wasteland issue four five from Skirmisher publishing. 


  1. Yeah, Kung Fury is pretty awesome. I think I'll add the HOFF9000 as some kind of demented AI in my next post-apoc game.


  2. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I've worked up another vital monster from the film. As for the HOFF9000 don't hassle the Hoff or your PC will be sorry. Yeah the film wad pretty damn awesome. Thanks for the comment Ed. Cheers!


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