Sunday, May 3, 2015

False Goddess of Murder For Your Old School Campaigns

False Goddesses are mutated beings of an extremely dangerous aspect changed and mutated by the dimensional energies and strange radiations of the Outer Darkness that roars through the world of the twenty eight century. Often times chosen by their respective cults these individuals are hand picked to undergo rites of passage, murder, and foul sorcery to survive and mutate from the experiences of the ritual. These cults are not true followers  of the benevolent goddess Kali but are nothing more then false and demonic worshipers of pure evil beings from the Abyss. These horrors are dedicated to spreading evil, chaos, and horror wherever they are found. They mutate into the form of four armed demonic horrors with wide hinged fang lined mouths, wriggling worm like hair, and four devilishly strong arms with wicked claws on the end of their hands.They move extremely quickly on their four well muscled legs.  These beings gain the semi elemental supernatural ability to enter a type of hibernation state during the daylight hours, their skin becomes pitted and bleached as stone, but at night they animate to cause mayhem and take victims on murdering them in extreme ways. They are often found guarding castles, temples, and other facilities 'sacred' to their cults.

Frequency: Rare 
No Encountered: 1 
Size: L (7 1/2 tall) 
Move: 150 ft 
Armor Class: 3 
Hit Dice: 45 (5+5 hit dice) 
Attacks: 3 
Damage : 1d12 bite, 1d4 claw, 1d4 claw 
Special Attacks: Hide In Shadows ( as Thief), Stealth 
Special Defenses: Camouflage ( Pass as Stone Statue 50% ) 
                                Magic Resistance: 25%  due to other dimensional energies coursing through their bodies 
Lair Probability: 80% 
Intelligence: Exceptional 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
                                               Treasure: Personal, a few gems,purse several gems, often a few offering magic items or super science items  
Level: 7 
XP 1600
False Goddesses of Murder are wicked things that often entice their cults to extremes of murder and chaos. They are master manipulators and often act as the heads of criminal operations often having 1d10 thieves or assassins dedicated to their demonic masters. These will often be of  2nd level or better. They have a thirst for flesh and murder that knows no bounds. Areas around their lairs are often cemeteries with large amounts of freshly dug graves. Those who engage these horrors in violence report smelling a combination of  incense,sweet, and an aura of chaos about these beasts. They move swiftly to murder anyone who gets in the way of their strange and often twisted agendas. The false goddess strikes at victims with its wicked claws and brings victims in close so that it can rend flesh and bone with its exceptionally dangerous bite. Some of the more ancient of these horrors can live several hundred years and may be 4th level or better wizards of the darkest aspect. The other dimensional energies that keep these horrors alive also turns their skin to an almost rock like hardness enabling bullets and some small arms fire to be deflected off their skin harmlessly.
Many of These horrors sometimes wear a girdle of serpents, a foul magic item of demonic make. The serpents of the girdle may during moments of extreme violence or combat animate and strike their victims as poisoned serpents. A save vs death must be made or the victim will immediately die from the sorcerous poison.
Often these horrors must kill a victim a night, or in orgies of demonic fury claim the lives of four persons or more. After this the appetite for murder is claimed at least for a little while. They are sometimes found in dungeons or anywhere that the foul forces of their cults have interests. False goddess are dangerous and may be harmed by enchanted weapons and certain magic items. 

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