Sunday, May 17, 2015

Review & Commentary On The Free OSR Resource - & Magazine Issue #11 Humanoids For Your Old School Campaigns

Humanoid or the dark races have always been a staple and problem for AD&D first edition but now '&' magazine has issue eleven out that delves right into the heart and soul of these savage and dangerous races of creatures. There are ton of variations of the usual AD&D dark races in this issue.

The content for this issue includes : 

  • Getting More Mileage from Goblinoids -The article goes into the ins and outs of Goblinoids and its pretty solid and concise. Perfect fodder for outdoor adventure campaign fodder. 
  • Humanoid Society -This is a solid round up of how to use and deal the dark races societies and how they relate to adventure and campaign backdrop from the monster's point of view. 
  • Point of View?- This is a 'how to article about the humanoid view of humans with tips and tricks for presenting another side for these well rounded monsters. And how they view us in the AD&D game. 
  • Ecology of the Ogre Mage -Alright this for me was one of most solidly done articles on Ogre Magi, if your running an Oriental adventures style campaign or a Western European campaign where these monsters appear then this is must. There are even variations of the traditional Monster Manual staple that come with this one. 
  • Undead Ogre Magi - This article details one of the more evil creations I've seen that DM's can unleash on unsuspecting parties of PC's and their really nasty to boot. 
  • Leomund’s Long Coats - There are some killer spells, magic items, treasures, etc. this issue and this issue presents a boat load of actually useful treasures. 
  • Codex Inhumanus – Kobold Shaman Spells - This is an article detailing new variation spells for one of the most neglected and yet dangerous monster lead figures. The Kobold shaman. These can really mess up a party of adventurer's day. 
  • Blues for the Red Sun - So you need a nice variation on a desert oasis adventure for your AD&D Arabian Knight's style campaign? Then this is a great little adventure to add into the background and to drop into your campaigns. 
  • Reviving the Lowly Orc -Pig faced orcs are not the only monsterous creatures to come down the pike there are a bunch of variations to add into your dungeons or wilderness adventures with this group of monsters. 

Its really hard to put into words how awesome this issue is, the fact is that much of the terratory covered by this issue has been covered before but this one is pack with wall to wall information and its very timely in coming. Lots of the lesser known races are covered from AD&D and their's a ton of uses for this material for any AD&D 1st edition game or OSRIC as well. Look I'm going to tell you that everything in this issue is solid and very useful. This issue is an incredible resource for oriental or Russian mythology style games. Which have a wide range of applications to ANY old school campaign that features humanoid species. This issue is one of their best so far and I can honestly say that I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism that I've seen in this issue because a ton of work went into this one. My strongest recommendation is for this one!  The more you dive into the background of this issue the more you see the underpinning of using humanoids as more then mere dungeon fodder and more as adventure jump off points and NPC's with style. '&' turns in a killer issue and the best part its entirely free for the downloading! 

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