Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sonic Tube of Destruction For Your Old School Campaigns

    A weapon from the outer edges of Mu, the sonic tube of destruction is a weapon of incredible destructive power and violence that uses the Atlantian  sonic wave principle and takes it to its logical conclusion . Powered by a mirco fusion cell & made from the alchemally hardened aurichalcum tubing this weapon represents another lost age.   The sonic tube of destruction has a range of four hundred feet and creates a pressure wave of concentrated sonic energy that literally rips the target apart by shearing waves of micro sound. Targets must save vs device or suffer 5d4+2  points of damage as the cells of flesh explode and molecules of objects are stripped of cohesion. Those who make their saves take half damage & are stunned for 1d8 round. There is a 5% chance of permanent hearing loss or serious damage that only sorcery  or magical healing will take care of. If the weapon is used more then seven times per day and the focusing elements not allowed to cool over night there is a 30% chance of the weapon exploding for 3d6 points of damage in a 15 foot radius upon the next time its fired. 

Sonic Tube of Destruction are still found in the outer providence city states of  Thal and Mur along the edge of  Atlantica territories. The weapons are highly prized by families of royal linage. They have been relics  that blood feuds have started over in the past.  Specially trained warriors in the past wielded these weapons against demons and other horrific threats from the Outer Darkness . But since the Green Death swept through Hyperborea for the third time the secret to these items manufacture and mix of science and super sorcery has been lost entirely. 
File:Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis - FORTRESS (FORTRESS FAIRY TALE) - 1909.jpg

 There are rumors of certain scrolls and manuals of the weapon masters of Thal that contain the secrets of the making of these relics of a lost age. Ruins of these places have been lost to the dimensional warps and machinations of Fairy over the years. Knights, warriors, and paladins  who have quested for such places have never been heard from again. Making sonic tubes of destruction all the more prized and cherished by their owners. 
Note that demons and entities of the Outer Darkness &the Abyss loath these weapons and their owners . Some have been known to not only target such individuals but to seek them out after a melee or battle to exact painful  humiliating revenges against them.
 Purple knights have a standing reward for these relics of 40,000 gold pieces or credits, they know of the legends and legendary auras surrounding them.

This is a variation of a weapon that appeared on the cult classic Other World television show.  Details of the weapon were sketchy at best, so in the past I was forced to fill in the blanks. This is a homage to one of my all time favorite television shows and not a trademark or copy right violation or challenge to the show or the role playing systems mentioned in this blog post. 

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