Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Demonic Cybernetic Terror That Is The Hand Of Horror Unit For Your Old School Campaigns

  The hand of horror is a series of robotic creatures created by the mad genius the Crimesmith. These horrors have come to cause problems for adventurers, heroes, and outlaws. The hand unit is a compact combination of occult sorcery and science combined into one monstrous  creation. The Crimesmith who supplies cults, alien syndicates, and other scoundrels up and down the coast of Neo England with twisted and deadly occult super science artifacts. The Crimesmith based the designs of the hand upon the lost journals and plans of Davinia Marrow. The Hands can be encountered across the multiple planes as well as alternative Earths  These occult cybernetic instruments  act as assassins, murderers, and tools of mayhem.
Frequency: Rare 
Number Encountered:1 (1d4) 
Size: Small (12 inches tall)
Move: 60 foot walking,130" in flight 
Armor Class : 4 
Hit Dice: 9
Attacks : 1 or 2 depending upon weaponry 
Damage: 4d8 for a full claw slash.or by weapon
Special Attacks: slashing talons, by weapon, 
Magical Resistance: Standard 
Lair Probability: 45 % 
Intelligence: Very 
                                               Treasure; Personal: valuable relic and semi precious metal circuitry. In lair  gems, some relics and perhaps a magic item or wizard device. 
Level: 5 
XP: 450 +3 

The hands of horror units were developed by the Crimesmith based upon the designs  of the wizard Davinia Marrow from her secret journals, plans, and other weird writings. All of this is  based on her  dark sorcery and super science research. The Crimesmith continued her work in the 2889 era. Each hand is in constant telepathic contact with their owners over a hundred  miles radius but is capable of independent thought and action.

The hand of horror seems to have a strange evil and more then sightly twisted personality about it. Each hand has hill giant or better strength. They can seemingly leap through the air to slash at the throats of their victims. Each hand uses a combination or magick, super science, and a bit of that evil that simply creep into the design of these nasty cybernetic organisms. The hand when telepathically bonded to the owner is capable of limited telepathic flight, some sorcery and other dangerous actions. They are also capable of mystically generating five fingered magical blades for close in killing which these twisted silent items seem to enjoy. Each hand of horror will use weapons including swords,pistols, and some relic weaponry. These units fight as 5th level or better fighters or assassins. The hands  of horror will hide in shadows as per the thieve's abilities. These units are also powered by the summoned damned soul of a demonic assassin and thief. Each one can act upon its own but enjoys the telepathic rapture that caps off the linking up with an evil and twisted personality that it is used to fire up the imaginations of these cold evil beasts. Part psychotic assassin  and cold merciless stalking animal the hands of horror are an odd and dangerous combination of occult art. These horrors still retain small vestiges of human like habits they collect coins, magic items, relics, etc. from their victims bringing them back to their 'masters' as trophies. These horrors absorb the souls of their 'masters' after 1d30 years unless certain dark rites involving blood relatives are used to free one from the demonic robotic appendages. They will develop complete and twisted personalities of their own after such a time of service by copying the dark and twisted essence of their own's minds. 
Hands of horror can be found throughout the dimensions seeing after the welfare of the wizards they guard and agendas of their masters.   These things can be found in dungeons, guarding ancient temples, sifting through ruins and generally taking on the roles of murderers, assassins, and terror weapons. Roles that the hands of horror excel at.
It should be noted that the Crimesmith the original occult  super scientist who developed the rites of creation for these cybernetic terrors is capable of taking telepathic and mental control over any of these things and using them for his own twisted agendas. Even usurping the control of their current 'masters'. 

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