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Mystically Bonded War Bears For Your Old School Campaigns

A noble creature has come down from the Hypborean mountains, and polar regions, the ancient Atlantian war bears & their mystically bonded companions are once again appearing upon the stage of Hyperborea and the ancient pocket realms. 
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Measuring up to fifteen feet in length is the uplifted Atlantian war bear, a rare species of hunter, companion, and very loyal being. These once plentiful guardians and companions to the Northern Altantian warriors have since retreated to only pockets of woodland and temperate forests. These bears mystically bond with nearby tribal Norsemen who are descended from ancient long lines of warriors stretching back to before the destruction of Atlantis. These noble animals were once the ancient enemies of the the guardians of the shrines of Xanthoqqua, whose sacred cave bears still haunt his temples and shrines. 
These bears are ferocious warriors who mystically bond with their owners/companions for life and share a deep and abiding telepathic link that transcends time, space, and distance. The Atlantian war bear measures fifteen feet long and weights up to 1,400 pounds. They have a keen intelligence, strong almost supernatural sense of smell, and a bite capable of sheering through bone and flesh with easy. Some tribal warriors ride these animals into war while other tribes uses these guardians and companions as warriors in their own right. 
The Atlantian war bear 
No Encountered 1(1d4)
Alignment: Neutral with good tendencies
Movement: 60 
Armor Class: 6 
Hit Dice: 8+5 
No of Attacks: 3 (claw/claw/bite) 
Damage: 1d10/1d10/2d6
Saving throw: 14 
Morale: 9 
Experience points: 1000 
Treasure class: -  
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Those who undergo the ritual bonding with an Atlantian war bear share their life forces with the animal's for life. This gives the owner an extended life expectancy of 1d30 years but the companion to this beast also gains the quick temperament and outlook of the animal. The owner must roll their wisdom at times to keep their temper in check during moments of violence. Bears will bond with rangers, fighters, shamans but never berserks because the spiritual rage of these warriors is far too extreme even for these beings. War bears will sacrifice their lives for their friends and family but will not throw their lives away. Should they be killed there is a 20% chance that companions will go into a spiraling depression and apathy that will continue for 1d6 years. Those who sub-comb to such melancholy will never be right again.
Those bonded to such animals gain an incredible sense of smell, and have the tracking ability at +4 but they also have a weakness for plundering food and as such are not often welcome into civilized areas even by their own tribes. They have a weakness for pies,treats, and confections of all types. They also gain the low light vision ability common to the bears enabling them to see in near total darkness. 
Against certain demonic and dangerous supernatural entities the real power of these animals becomes evident. They gain a +2 against such horrors and will fight to destroy such entities. They loath all things of the Outer Darkness and the Abyss having a supernatural ability once per day of sniffing out such creatures and their works.

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