Monday, May 11, 2015

Lamentations Of The Outer Worlds - Using The Lamentations of The Flame Princess rpg system For A Pulptastic Warlords Of The Outer Worlds Game Actual Play Event

 Good old Torrington Ct, some friends blew into town last night and I got together this morning with 'em for breakfast down at the Twin Colony. Nice to see some of my old razor trade gaming gang in the flesh. Its been a good weekend, played a couple of rounds of Lamentations of The Flame Princess this morning here are the results  So I've been doing bad things thanks to James Raggi's Lamentations of The Flame Princess game.  Basically I was roped in to running a very quick style game where the heroes were trying to destroy a hand of horror unit. So basically I knocked this whole adventure up in about an hour. Much of the modern material was courtesy of David Bay Miller's blog OSR weapon resources right over HERE. I kept the classes as is and added in a few touches of occult stuff here and there. The PC's were generated in about twenty or twenty five minutes tops. LoFP has two modes serious ala No Salvation For Witches and full Gonzo ala the Carcosa campaign setting. I went for the full gonzo in this quick adventure. 

The mutations for the PC's were generated using the Metamorphica and some of technological weapons from Carcosa HERE. Everything else was fudged on the fly and it went off pretty damn well. 

The set up was a pulpastic and easy quick set with six PC pulp style low level heroes ported into an unnamed city ruin someplace on the Neo England coast. The party had to contend with some mutant horrors and bandits first before getting right down to business with the Hand of  Horror unit. After finding a trail of dead natives and dealing with 1d4 zombies. The party split up to destroy more ermm cover more ground.


The first of the party that met her demise was Damsel Fly played by Jennifer who rolled a one and whose pearl handled guns jammed. The cybernetic horror finished her off quickly. I got one more of the party as one of the PC's missed his roll and the Crimson Horror bit the dust, crimson gore painted the pavement quite nicely. 
The PC's surprised me by regrouping and closing in the place of their comrade's demise and let loose on the monster. It took a good fifteen minutes but the cybernetic bastard went down. Not too bad for a quick impromptu LoFP  game session. 

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