Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Artifact - Twenty Third Century Sonic Energizer For Your Old School Campaigns

This item is from an alternative twenty third century future history, the device is part healing device and part multi platform tool. The Sonic Energizer uses sound waves to carefully perform a variety of functions up to five times a day. According to the ancient lore the device is described as :
 a kind of crystalline "tuning fork" device called the Sonic Energizer through which he focuses his thoughts into what is described as a sonic manipulation of matter. The device is completely useless in anyone else's hands, and seems capable of a huge variety of tasks, from opening doors to disrupting electrical systems to large scale acts of destruction, as well as its apparently intended function as a diagnostic and healing device.
  • The device can with the activation of the device cure light wounds as per the spell. Or with a flick of the simple dial cause light wounds by separating the molecules of the flesh of the victim. 
  • The device can  also open simple locks as per the effects of the spell five times per day 
  • Also once per day the sonic energizer can cause a simple electromagnetic pulse in the air within a 30 foot radius by vibrating the magnetic bonds within certain molecules. Robots and androids are allowed a save but other systems will experience a simple system shut down. Other computer systems or electronic systems will suffer 2d6 points of damage. 
  • The sonic energizer can also emit a high frequency pulse capable of damaging the molecular bonds of objects or flesh causing 4d6 points of damage. More then five such pulses in a day can cause dangerous vibration damage to certain key parts of the sonic energizer causing the device to explode for 3d6 points of damage to everyone within a 40 yard radius. 
  • The device can also function as a locate object or person spell, act a diagnostic tool and even vibrationally  scan for imperfections in objects or tissue. The device has a 10% can of catching some minor flaw or health related issue flaw.
    The sonic engergizer also is powered by a spell cell that draws off life fore for the powerful artifact. Using it more then five times a day will cause the sonic energizer to cause 1d4 points of damage in sonic feed back. 

The device when found often  has one  of the tuning mechanisms that seems to be damaged. This is a five hundred credit fix but the numbers of these devices are very limited and spare parts can be a problem.
This post is by a fanatic The Fantastic Journey and in no way has been made for the violate the trade mark or copyright  of The Fantastic Journey television show. 

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