Thursday, May 21, 2015

Total Party Wipe In The Ruins Of Waterbury - Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Actual Play Event

After fighting a small horde of  Kobold Marauders from the Teratic Tome page 69. The PC's descended into the valley of the ruins of Waterbury itself. They cautiously made tracks for the ruins and well the situation wasn't right at all.

The party of adventurers in tonight's game approached the Waterbury space port with trepidation and horror as there were corpse after corpse of Voltamen soldiers surrounding the place. The scene was like something out of Night of the Living Dead. After grabbing weapons, ammo, and other sundries from the corpses of soldiers they were attacked by zombies!

Steve, Tod,Justin, and his wife Paula were wiped out tonight in the ruins of Waterbury, by a horde of six radiation zombies ( more information on those right over HERE ). The undead horrors didn't give the PC's much of a chance to get near the space port. The radiation poisoning was harsh as it brought PC's to death's door and perhaps beyond as they too may raise in undeath horror in the continuation of tonight's game.
 The ruins of Waterbury claimed more victims in tonight's dance of post apocalyptic death. The workshop organization was informed of the deaths of it's latest recruits and already more fools erm adventurers are on their way into the ruins. 

The PC's in tonight's game got a look behind the curtain and were able to radio a report back to the 'Workshop' resistance about seeing sending more mercenary adventurers into the fray. So what's going on here? Well it's all the author of the Teteric's Tome's fault really. The monsters from the Tome softened up the party before they got to the ruins. This enabled the next batch of monsters to take out the adventurers in short order. To be continued tomorrow night. 

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